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DM-DragonLord[BETA 3][PC][PS3][Pics][Download] Updated 18/10 - PS3 link added

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    just played beta 3. i would like to point out 2 things ;

    1 - the skybox is indeed better but isn't as dark as I was suspecting. I can see that you choose to stay with your initial choices. tbh, I just play dm-project_genesis and the author as manage to put an amazing skybox. the funny part is that it is exactly that I have in mind for your map. you should definitively look at it. also, I stay to my position about the necris stuff that don't fit. there are subtle but still they are out of place.

    2 - items disposal could be better, placing the best armor and the stronger weapons (belt, flak, rl) in the center of the map is not a good idea. All the action is in the center of the map or near the bezerk. there is certain area where i never kills bots since they don't go there.

    the added details here & there are looking very good


      @stevelois: yeah, that s the version I submitted for the MSUC, I dunno why I put v1.0. Doesnt really matter I guess. I wasnt expecting anyone to even open the readme file anyway

      @CPTBang: the skybox isnt dark because of the blue-ish fog. I could remove the fog, but then the level lose a lot of depth in the background. It's definitely tweakable though. Worth investigating I think
      I didnt really give much thoughts on the item placement since I committed beta2, but I ll have another look, thanks.


        i did not read all the previous posts but regarding weapons placement, what i can say is ;

        - the map could also use the udamage placed at the opposite of the bezerk where the bio is located.
        - the rl could be placed where the link gun is (near the tights). this link gun is already elsewhere in the map, so no need for weapons placed twice.
        - the flak could be placed in the stinger area (at the corner at the opposite of the rl).

        since the map is a square layout, basically, the idea is to put the 2 stronger weapons on opposite side (flack, rl), put 2 powerup (bezerk, udamage) on 2 other corners and split the armors in strategic spots with the remaining weapons in between. so you better place only 1 weapon of each in good spot to encourage players to move constantly. the ai prioritize the rl the flack and the belt so having these 2 closed to each other is very not recommended. no matter why most of the action is concentrated in the center of the map.


          That look so really good! i think, is just for have fun, so... thanks for the map man!

          thats have a pretty Style.


            Hey Alex

            Played B3, I saw some progress but a lot of my previous suggestions are not taking into account

            CPTBang as point out some good points there and I must agree with him.

            I forgot to mention that the last time, in this old pic, the stairs (above the health with the lamps) could be reworked a bit because now, they don't align well in each other. I suggest to place some regular stairs instead like the one you use in other areas.


            What are you planning for the next release ? Is the next release is intent to be the final one ?



              The ps3 version locks up unreal on the install / unpack. After reseting unreal the map is selectable / playable, but then has to be deleted as it causes unreal to lock up on installing other maps / mods.

              This is quite common lately, since the new ps3 patch from epic, and affects a lot of maps / authors.

              The problem is down to the preview pic of the map.

              The solution, a new userdata.jam file will need to be cooked WITHOUT the preview pic to the map, then all should be fine.


                Oh I didnt know that, that sux

                Strange, cause my friend who cooked the PS3 version could play the level fine. But if it s only the screenshot that can cause the problem, I'll remove it for next time. Thanks for the info.

                Stevelois/CPTBang, thanks again guys for the feedback, I ll have a closer look at the weapon/items placements.
                And Stevelois, I didnt ignore your comments, but I didnt want to add paths near the berzerk location as suggested (I dont really want the level to be bigger/ more complicated than it is), and I dont really know how to modify materials )else I wouldnt have that crappy looking grass for example)

                The next version will probably be the final one. I might do some layout changes too, but probably nothing too time-consuming


                  Hey alex

                  It's ok about not added more pathways to the layout, don't worry, I'm not deceive

                  In fact, all the points that CPTBang as mention can be fix / enhanced and you can find great maps to help you out. You can check my thread (by my sign) and check these top picks for :

                  DM-Eigh by yubnub, DM-Shrift by Genthly , DM-TakaraFalls by Neocane = grass
                  DM-Progect Genesis by Genthly = sky

                  Don't hesitate to ask them how to do it, they are sympatics dudes

                  For weapons/items placements I can surely give you an hand


                    oriental atmosphere at night done very well, interesting dragon statues and sky is very different; gameplay is good as DM but even more fun as TDM. No map downloads at the usual spots.


                      Très jolie map c'est un ami qui me l'a conseiller

                      Very beautiful map it's a friend who told me advise


                        Final one?



                          New cook version for PS3?


                            Good map.

                            Very well done with the atmosphere at night, visuals, details, ambient sounds, custom meshes, lake view, and skybox. Good style with the lighthouse, statues, foliage, trees, dozens of paths, weapon/item placements, and tower thingies with wormholes in the sky are much like beanstalk(ish). Fun play for TDM as the bots are interesting (and very well for DM and/or Betrayal gametypes).

                            Keep in mind lowenz that the FilePlanet site is closing down soon.

                            Backup this map (for PC) to

                            ...and the other post you made is the correct PS3 link for this map, cooked with final version 2.1.


                              Updated mirror from my above post: