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    I totally textured those surfaces, they show up in the editor and in the PIE but they don't show up in-game! What's the deal with that?!

    Thanks for all that. Yeah some of the textures (that building in particular) were just sort of "let's get everything textured and come back thru and fix it up." Thanks for pointing out the vehicles, I had forgotten all about that.

    Also, the one turret (I realized later) is on a track, but the other one isn't. It's okay because neither one moves, so... yeah.

    Beta beta beta!


      Oh no no man, I totally appreciate all the feedback. The beta beta beta thing was more to myself like "this is why we do beta's right?"

      Thanks definitely!


        Beta 2 is out!

        -missing textures are... you know... not missing.
        -turrets are on tracks and work now. I made them slide pretty fast, let me know what you think!
        -fixed blue vehicles facing the wrong direction.
        -added a few decorations... plenty more to come.


          Beta 3!

          Changed some textures, added some static meshes, etc.

          Not completely happy with the floor texture, but I can't find one that I prefer.


            cool a new beta is out nice remake i cant give some more feed back becouse i am not a map maker lol


              Originally posted by $n[p3r
              You can always let him know how it plays, if you get stuck somewhere, you can walk/see through meshes/walls. Any testing is always appreciated by mappers.

              I'll check it out and let you know what I think.
              yeah i no i dont test maps with bots i dont like too play with bots but i will look better at a map




                  Haha wild! I'll try to stop by and say hello tonight.


                    I looked at this in the editor and did a quick play map from there and it is pretty good.

                    Without going into detail I think you have done a great job so far. Its a playable remake as it stands without alot of clutter and hopefully works good online.

                    When I get some time ill run a server and see if I can find any issues but as it stands its pretty good and could be developed farther to be an excellent build!