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    Version: 0.1a
    Compatibility: PC only
    Description: Originaly configured for use as a test map in an alpha version of an Invasion Gamemode, this map has dramaticaly grown since then. Etherial is a small-sized Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Duel map.
    Comments: This is my first attempt at mapping, aside from a few test maps. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, bug reports, or general comments. Try to avoid flaming me, if possible.

    Credits: All mapping by Chain_the_Warforged
    Download: Map, INI File

    Lookin good


      Great. Thanks for your interest!


        Oh Really

        Well don't put the PC/PS3 Icon on the description then Mr. PC ONLY!!! Why not anyway?


          Originally posted by OH_THAT ROCKET@#$! View Post
          Well don't put the PC/PS3 Icon on the description then Mr. PC ONLY!!! Why not anyway?
          Calm down and just ask politely and if he says no then leave it at that. Remember:

          Originally posted by Mark Rein View Post
          One request is fine. People making mods have already gone to a great deal of trouble for the benefit of the community. Not all of those mods are going to be ideal for PS3 and it is the choice of the mod maker to decide to cook it to PS3 or not. So be polite and appreciative and maybe they'll help you. Be incessant and annoying and you're likely going to hurt the community more than you help it. We'll also kick you off this forum if you do so repeatedly.


            So, crits on this map. I must say it looks good, but there are loads of areas where you need improvement.

            First of alla mistake many new people do is adding meshes that appears to emmit light, like small bloomy bulbs on the mesh. It very common to just forget about it and/or think that adding a couple of small lights will decrese preformance. It wont. Try adding small lights around the bloom areas just to indicate its acctually a small light and not some weird bat or something with glowing eyes.

            Beacuse it looks very odd to see i in an almost complete dark room.


              OK.... So now I know that the red/blue icon is for PC and PS3. I thought it was just for looking cool.

              If this get enough interest for me to update it, I'll release a PS3 port. Until then, ignore the incorrectly chosen icon.

              Thanks for the lighting feedback, HushPuppy. I only really focused on getting the geometry right in this version.

              I appreciate everyone who downloaded this and everyone who commented on it. Thanks.

              Thats 11 downloads so far, which is more than I expected.


                very nice n clean look



                  * This is a polite expression of interest in a PS3 version. Screen shots look nice.


                    It look interesting, it look like a good start

                    I'm at work, so judging by the screens, the pic 2 & 3 are concerning the same room, I suggest that you take screens from different rooms and not only 1 room with different angles.

                    Since this is in beta stage, you do right to emphase on the layout (geometry as you said) & items placement.

                    I' will surely do a quick run tonight. BTW, you don't need to make seperate download for the INI & UT3 files. Even if the INI is not there, the engine will automatically create one with default settings. Or put the files in 1 archive (RAR, ZIP) if you wanted us to have the files.


                      OK, thanks for the aditional feedback. I didn't know the engine could automaticaly generate an INI. I'll put the next release in a RAR.


                        I play the level. So what I can tell so far :

                        I focus on the layout while playing. It is fun, very tight like old school. I like it but not everyone will. Players who's constantly dodging like Roger Rabbit won't like it, be warned. They will complaint that it's to "tight" but that is a question of taste. This is what UT is all about, long corridors, medium rooms and tights corners.

                        For the rest, items placement, lighting and other stuff, it need some work but the basic is solid IMO. You have a clear winner in your hand and it depends on what direction you will take.

                        PS : you use physics and it's fun to throw the crates on your enemy