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vCTF-Defection [Final] [PC] [Updated 24/8/08]

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    yes. Played it again, and it feels better. Some of the glitches have been fixed and it feels more complete. Thanks for the updated version!!


      Heh gave me a laugh that's for sure Crayfish

      Glad to know that Stranger

      Anyone finds any major gameplay bugs or something let me know


        Im nearing the release of BETA3 which ill hopefully get out before i go on holiday.

        The editor managed to do a major mess up and would no longer build paths at all. Therefore i had to rebuild all my paths that wasn't this problem though it was something in the map elsewhere, which meant i had to copy everything into a new map file so the whole terrain has been redone. Along with the pathing.

        So BETA3 is close. Fixed all the bugs i found, modified quite a bit and added more stuff.




            Nice work Cr4zyB4st4rd, i really like this map, it's fresh, looks real good, and is interresting to play.
            Now as promised here's the feedback

            - I saw a bot get stuck near the fence under the pipes on the red side left looking at pipes.

            - The bases for the udamage and berserk powerups are slightly levitating over the ground

            - On the blue side, the flowers near the 50 armor, there's something there that got me stuck, dunno what it was

            - The blocking volumes in your map, some are a little off and it seems strange to get stopped before you touch the stones. Also, i find some of those blocking volumes are in strange places, and hinder the freedom of movement around your map, They're probably there for a reason, but I really prefer being free to run around pretty much wherever I want on a map, i really don't like hitting invisible walls unless it's to prevent me from leaving the level bounds and falling to my death, in which case I forgive them.
            Seriously though, a few less blocking volumes perhaps?

            Once again, great job and enjoy you holiday


              I'll have a look at all of those mentioned I have actually seen bots get stuck near the pipes. Any particular blocking volumes that stick out? Maybe I can move them back and have forced dir volumes infront so it's not as sudden.



                Anymore feedback people?


                  If no one finds any major bugs in the current release (3.1) The next release will go final.

                  So if you've found something let me know.