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    hmmm the spec on the new material looks a little bright... but it looks ok i suppose...


      Submission to MSU successfull

      Project-Genesis-RC3 PC D/L

      *PS3 version coming tommorow


        Cool genthly and good luck.


          Hey g0th you in there too with DM-Windbook?


          Ok, nevermind. I just saw the answer on your thread Good luck mate!!


            Woo, can't wait for PS3!


              PS3 users, your patience will be reward since it's a great map

              Hey Gen, got a couple of things to suggest, I have 15 pics for you, so leave some space on your hdd for uncle Stevie


                he he i'm gonna re download cos now that looks awesome


                  So Gen, lots of playing other maps lately

                  I'll start my msn when I arrive home. Hope to catch you and send you these pics of mine


                    Absolutely great map I'm surprise there is no music and this map is in RC status ?


                      I know this is old news, but Zeus is only a couple of rooms and a hallway, so despite screens being similiar, maps are soooooo not! Gave this a quick playthru on pc, you are definitely doing another great map here, can't wait to see how it turns out. I really like the furniture!


                        Either way, the new look is very nice, but I kind of like the first colour schemes you had for everything in those comparison shots. You've added some nice details and better lighting, but I've got a couple suggestions (see screenshot link below):

                        1. I think this looks better as the wood texture.. it's more natural/inviting looking in my opinion. Although, now that you've covered that bit of the roof with wood, I'm not sure it'll work. Maybe that's why you changed it to white in the first place.

                        2. This behind the tree lets the tree stand out more. With the wood texture behind it, the tree loses it's importance as a set-piece and sort of blends into the wall.

                        3. I find this texture looks much nicer and also cooler than the one you replaced it with.

                        I also think you've overused the new stone texture. Although it is nice, maybe you could try putting it up half the wall and have the rest white.


                        Again, this is just my opinion, and you can take it for what it is.
                        Your map looks great regardless




                          Pretty neat map, nice work genthly

                          couple of things I noticed, which may have been mentioned already - sorry 20+ pages is a lot of thread

                          need BV here on the rail:

                          and here

                          need to make these ammo pickups consistent, where you can just run along the rail edge and pick them up. here tho, the sniper ammo cannot be picked up unless you jump up on the railing:

                          part of the interior wall is protruding out the wall next to the door:

                          the very slanted ceiling up top needs BV as there's no collision:


                            Hey folks

                            Thx for all the comments.
                            I'll add all of those to my todo list
                            Still, i'm not rushing it anymore, but i'll still work on it

                            Atm i'm having some fun designing a map-mod-whatever, which should end up as a FPP Adventure game. Thx to Genesis i learned a lot, and now i'm going to learn a bit more about Kismet and other stuff, though if anybody knows a bit more about modding, i'll be happy to add him to my so-far-1-person-team

                            That's the thread:


                              I can't wait to check this out for the PS3. The map looks amazing.


                                Anyone wanna play frisbee while we wait? lol Oops,thought this was that cove thread.