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    *Initial post/pics updated


      Michael you works are soooooooo **** nice

      Private version and B2 are so unique from the rest. Uncle can only encourage you The before/after pics are so nice, keep it up kid

      **** company............... they don't see your huge potential, I'm gonna take the Concorde, going at there head office, and shake up the vice president **** it

      Give me there address, give me there address !!!


        lol xd
        great job!


          How the hell did you manage that with no custom content!!!


            mostly bsp
            aahh but on thing is made in paint, so it's kinda custom, its the bump mapping for the wooden floor


              Hey Gen

              A little suggestion about the lighting in the living room. You can see that often and it's **** good looking (it's like that in my living room) adding curvy lamps on the wall with the lit toward the ceiling. It will add a very nice effect


                I'll be working day&night now, coz i might make it for MSU phase 2, DM-Shrifts top 10 is not enough for me [/quote]

                I think we all know Shrift & you deserved better than that.Like a #1 in my book.Keep up the excellent work,this map is looking awesome.


                  I forgot to suggest some vase and nice flowers/plants on the appliance below the big screen.

                  Ho, and don't forgot a console on the table (PS3/XBOX)


                    hey folks

                    Here's RC1
                    I already found some things that need changes, f.e. the layout in the new house needs some small additions, but now i'll need some weapon placement comments

                    Ah and please tell me how's your fps

                    Have fun, here's RC1



                      Yippie !!! RC1 is there

                      Dwn... dwn... dwn... right away

                      THX Gen


                        Good Lord! You never cease to amaze...


                          I gotta say i like this soo much better than the really bright white light...THX for making this map man...Also really like the flow of the map


                            hehe thx guys
                            bit still i think theres something missing in the layout in the new house... any opinions?


                              RC1 is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo **** nice

                              I always say you have so much potential **** it ! Now I hope everyone will agree with that !

                              **** **** **** ****, it's so good **** it !


                                H i like the idea and the ability to destroy the pool bools, interesting map definately but i found 2 general problems

                                ummm that thing above me is your map
                                and i also took this before i jumped down a hole to see what happened (with the builing being the map)
                                and if u want to know how i did it i found this gap:

                                2. at the top of the stairs to the pool room a bot was just standing there, and it blocked the way to get up, so i had to shoot him (in my team from TDM)

                                Sorry if these have already been noticed