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UT2D-Redemption Beta2

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    UT2D-Redemption Beta2

    1. Name:UT2D-Redemption Beta2
    2. Version:Beta 2
    3. Compatibility:UT2D v.1.1
    4. Description: Deep underground in a holy Necris shrine, the Necris have been testing their newly created "invulnerability".
    It has so far been a great succes.
    5. Comments:My Third UT2D map, i suggest you play with 4-6 people even thought it can support more.
    6.ScreenShots: P.S. Pictures are of older version, all that really changed is the fog and abit of the background

    7. Credits: ZeelessOne, EPic games, and myself

    All feedback is welcome

    I have difficulty with ps3 cooking, if someone can cook it for then then itd be greatly appreciated.

    P.S., I have included some bonus screen shots of a map I have been working on.(Halo fans will find it to be familiar.)