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CTF-Matrix [Download][Pics] BETA 2

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    CTF-Matrix [Download][Pics] BETA 2

    1. Name: CTF-Matrix
    2. Version: .92
    3. Compatibility: 1.2 PC UT3
    4. Description: The premise is two map rooms connected by toggleable teleports.
    Each teleporter leads to a unique room, each with its own theme.
    Each team can turn off up to two of their teleporters at a time, in order to "force" players into certain rooms.
    However, all rooms can go into the flag room, only access from the flag to the rooms can be denied.

    The four room themes are:

    Ice cave, vehicle room
    Pillars, flak cannon
    Rotating platforms, rocket launcher
    Maze room, sniper rifle
    5. Comments: This is only my second map, first to be released to the public, so I welcome any and all suggestions for making the map, and my mapping techniques/style better, in addition to improving the map itself. In addition, this map essentially went from a concept in my head (having multiple, deactivateble paths to the flag) into a map, I didn't have any theme location wise in mind.
    6. Screenshot:


    7. Credits: Epic for all materials, meshes, etc., and for the tutorials. Various forums for technical assistance.

    9. Download:

    Please comment and thanks for trying out my map!

    Hey Lord_Takkera,

    I've just tried out your map.I liked it,but you still need to do A LOT more improvements in the map before releasing it public.
    Playing that map i used Ice Cave and Maze route rooms.When i entered Ice Cave room,i immediately thought - why this is a CTF map?It's a VCTF!Here's some complaints about Ice Cave,you can definetely improve it:
    Don't you think that the Ice Cave room is too... Empty?Try adding more obstacles.Obstacles are needed,because it can be real pain in the *** for the flag carrier there.Player can easily be shot with Nemesis or Goliath.
    Now about the Maze room.With Impact Hammer you can jump on those walls and dodge through entire room.It's very easy to do,because the walls are simply too small.Making those walls higher will definetely make it a Maze!
    I'll try using Pillars and Rotating platform rooms now.I'll see what can be improved there.



      Thanks for your suggestions,

      I have now added a few tunnels and stalagmites to the cave room to give the players a place to hide, and to give the tanks a bit of trouble maneuvering.

      Walls in the maze room are now twice is high.

      Do you think I should release it as a VCTF map? That would take care of my wanting to disable translocators for this map...

      Tell me what you think about the pillar and rotation rooms, and I'll release an update.

      Thanks again,


      PS. For those that vote, especially if you vote "Trash Can-this map will never work" it would be nice if you let me know what is wrong with the map, so that I don't make the same mistakes in the future. And PLEASE actually try the map before passing judgement on it (I see 10 votes, and only 4 downloads) Thanks.


        Hey,it's me again.
        After playing the map for another few times,i also have complaints about another two rooms - Pillar and Spinning platform.
        About the Pillar room.The room is just too SMALL.Way too small.It's extremely easy to carry a flag there,since there's an Armor there and teleporters are too near to each other.It's obvious,that most people will use this room to carry a flag.Maybe expanding the room will help?
        Now Spinning platforms room is too dark(at least for me).I can't tell where the hell I'm jumping,so I end up dead.I think adding more light will help.
        Oh,and about Ice Cave again.Don't you think adding flying vehicles like Fury or Cicada was a bad idea?
        I personally think this map should be CTF,not VCTF,because only one room uses vehicles,and that's not enough for VCTF.
        Upload improved version when you can.


          Again, thank you so much for your input. For some reason its hard to get people to tell me what needs to be fixed

          Anyways, here is the fixes I've performed:

          Pillar room is now much bigger, this is something I had considered when originally making the map, but wasnt sure.

          Spinning platform room now has green lights on all of the rings (all platforms have purple lights that move with them).

          Ice cave flying vehicles have been replaced with ground vehicles (I like flying, but you're right, it doesn't really make sense for that room).

          Do you know of a way to disable translocators for a map?

          Thanks again for all your help,


          PS. The link at the top has been updated to the new version, or you can download it here:


            Hi again,
            I downloaded your updated version,but it seems not to work correctly.Here are some minor bugs:
            1. When starting a level message pops up saying,that Lights Needs to be Rebuilt
            2. Teleport to Pillar room does not work
            3. One static mesh in Ice Cave room is completely black
            4. Vehicles in Ice Cave are not replaced / removed

            I don't know if it's only for me.Check your map again and tell me,if I'm wrong.
            Also I have another ideas to improve the map,but I'll share you with them after you fix these bugs.


              Well, you were right, sort of.

              The map works fine if you load and play it from the editor, but not from in-game. (I have no idea how that's possible)

              I rebuilt it and it worked fine, sorry for the issue.

              All links have been updated, and here's one more!


              Thanks again,