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UT2D-Brinstar [Pics] [Beta1] [PC]

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    UT2D-Brinstar [Pics] [Beta1] [PC]

    Name: UT2D-Brinstar
    Version: Beta 1
    Compatibility: UT3 1.2, UT2D 1.0
    Description: Rampage in an arena based on the first areas of Metroid!

    Comments: The whole map was made up using the tiles from the original game, and it has custom music/kill/death sounds.
    At the moment you don't shoot the doors to open them, you just have to run up to them. I've yet to see anywhere that says how to teach a bot to shoot a door to get through, but having to shoot the doors could slow down gameplay anyway.
    There is no Flak Cannon, I didn't include it because I felt it dominates the other weapons way too much in UT2D, and bots tend to favor it.
    Bots act stupidly at the moment, as low end bots seem incapable of playing CTF properly.

    I'd like to know, should I keep the music like it is now or would people prefer a single song to play the whole map?
    Opinion on item placement would be nice, too.


    Credits: -Nintendo for making Metroid, a franchise that continues to kick **** to this day
    -Various sprite sites for the different tiles
    -Metroid Database and Metroid Fan Mission, for Music and sounds
    -Everyone that has contributed to UT2D (like FrontAXL, who inspired me with his SuperMario map)


    Requires UT2D to play.

    I cant work out whats going on...


      You're right, I got so used to the map's layout that I forgot how confusing the background stuff could make it for other people playing the map. Getting rid of the whole back layer makes things a lot easier to see.
      After playing for a while, I think I'll also change it so just one song plays the whole map.

      Do I need to make a new thread or can I just edit this one?


        can you make this compatable for the ps3 if it isnt?


          can anyone reupload it?


            Can someone please re-upload this map? It is impossible to find. Thanks a lot!