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    Originally posted by MadCat221 View Post
    It does not seem to be working for me... I load up Torlan, hop into the 'Bender parked at the core base, and I get no charged shot, and no vehicle locking.
    Is this on PC or PS3? The easiest way to know your in the deluxe version is to hit space/jump while driving and look for the locked/unlocked message on the screen. When working on the mod I usually test it in Torlan Hmm...


      PC. Got nothin' when I hit the spacebar.


        the lock feature works fine as does everything else I have successfully cooked it into a map.

        One other suggestion I have that you might consider is expanding the shooting perimeter while in 2nd seat to be more like 2k4: I can be aiming and have my crosshair on a target but the beam will not shoot there. It seems dependent on the slope of the terrain I am on, even if it is the slightest slope. I think it would be better to be able to shoot and hit anything you can put the crosshair on.

        I've been drinking so my explanation may be hard to understand so i will make an example: say you are playing 2k4 and camping the twin beams on the hills by the center tower on Torlan sniping the enemy prime. You would be shooting at a somewhat drastic downward angle. With the stock UT3 twin beams I dont think this would be possible..


          I see you Sanch3z, what up? Funny story, I'm buddies with euchreplayer23 and he asked for PS3 testers, of course I was jumping on it... Playing solo, the goddam bots stole a BioSoakerTank and killed the **** out of me, I couldn't get near them forever. Finally spidermined thier node (playing war-unk-hallofgiants) but ****, these vehicles got mad power. OneHitWonders for sure. Also, I have been drinking as well. And I understood you more before before you were shooting down at a drastic angle. Waaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!