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DM-LostManufacture by Duobix

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    DM-LostManufacture by Duobix

    1. NameM-LostManufacture
    2. Version:1.0
    3. Compatibility:PC
    4. Description:<short_story>This is a part of axon city, where strange things happened to a manufacture lying inside. Probably Necris landed inside of it, and they want to destroy the planet. But, before stopping them, you have to find them...<short_story>
    5. Comments:Well, after some work It's finnaly here and it rocks imo. I've played some Zelda on n64, and I remember this atmosphere of being lost and unarmed in lost woods.... This was priceless This time, the feeling of being lost is even bigger And btw, try to reach the front wall of manufacture
    6. Screenshot: The Screenshots may not be impresive, you really have to try this map to know if it's good.

    7. Credits:Epic fot UT3 (and bonus UT3 disc), Nintendo for Zelda Oot, Hourances tutorials, and me.
    8. Homepage:No homepage yet