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    New version beta2 available


      looks good, but i have a problem?
      at first, how long did you work on it? i ask you this question, because i have created a castle like you , which looks similar. when i will release my CTF-map, than players will think that i copyed you.


        I've been working on it on and off for about three months I have some even older maps that look nothing like what I've released as synapse, but they still have pieces of the castles in them. It's been a long project for sure.

        I haven't seen it yet but I don't think you copied me There just isn't that many necris static meshes to play with. If you don't use that much BSP and rely on static meshes like I did then we will end up with some similar looking stuff sooner or later.



          New version beta3 out

          Changes since beta2 (thx MapMonkey for all the feedback )-

          - Adjusted all playerstarts to better flow with the game
          - Made prime nodes harder to hit
          - Added avril at synapse node
          - Added shield in front of cores to make cores harder to hit
          - Added more hills and rocks to terrain
          - Added more distance blur to post processing
          - moved some of the rocks around the edges of the map to fix collision box issues
          - Added more light to the mothership in the sky. It should look much less like a black blob now.


            b3 feedback

            I'm not a fan of WAR type but I must say that you made a great map so far

            There are small things that I found rather odd or not plausible that I want to comments :

            1) This structure above the castle just seem to float. I saw after that it was linked to the space ship above but the link between them is not apparent. I was thinking that the ship above retain the structure but since it is not apparent for me I think that maybe put some sort of light from the inside dome could make the link more apparent, plausible. FTM, it look bland.

            2) I noticed that the water fountain is emerging clear water but the water in the pool is black... IMO, using the Necris green water color in much more better looking than dark color. If you could apply that to others rivers to, it will look even better.

            3) In this little building, the stairs use all the width of the corridor forcing the in/out to the floor above only in 1 direction. If you can shrink the with by half (show in yellow) and put a support structure below the stairs, the better the flow and the look.

            THX for the map