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DM-ProTourney4[Pics][beta2][UPDATE!Feb 1-Download]

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  • DM-ProTourney4[Pics][beta2][UPDATE!Feb 1-Download]

    1. Name: DM-ProTourney4
    2. Version: beta2
    3. Compatibility: UT3 1.3 PC
    4. Description: Quake3 map rebuild.Original level by id software.Original level has the name pro-q3tourney4
    5. Comments: I've tried to make a nice playable map,however I have to learn a few things about lightning.This is just may first map,so I had some difficulties. Hope you like it,and sorry for my poor English.
    6. Screenshots:

    Changes in ProTourney4 beta2:

    - More blockingvolumes added to improve gameplay and optimize collision.( Thx Crayfish )

    - Default UTteleporter has been removed from the middle room because it made the level very jerky.( THX again Cray )

    - More optimized with detail modes: More unnecessary staticmeshes ( which were only visuals and don't needed for gameplay ),has moved to high detail,to improve fps on lower configurations as well.

    - staticmeshes added above the megahealth to the window to get the illusion of sunlight crosses through it.(High detail)

    - Fogsheet added in the middle room to feel the level more atmospheric when you are looking down from above.(High detail)

    - Unnecessary lightning removed,to optimize a little more,but the level has still too much lightning I think.

    - Remove surface material applied instead of default checker to the back side of bsp surfaces(which are not visible for the player),so the engine won't render these unnecessarily.( THX the advice Cray )

    - Air control of UTJumpads changed a little.

    - Link gun replaced with Stinger minigun.

    - Post process blur is lighter a very little.Use default in the game if you feel the shadows,and blur are too strong.

    - Player could stuck in front of the middle room's door near the wall.Blockingvolume added.

    - Wrong directed Playerstart in the right corner under the shock rifle,player was facing with the wall after spawning.Rotated/fixed.

    - Smoke effects added to improve more the visuals.(High detail)

    Download link:

    If you see bugs,or have some advices don't hesitate to write me.



  • #2
    download link?...

    just read [pics]


    • #3
      Yeah looks pretty damn good to me


      • #4
        I'll give download link in a few days.Sorry.I have some problems now and try to solve them.
        While I'm moving my mouse some staticmeshes are disappearing for a few seconds,and then they appear again,and I don't know why.I try to fix this problem currently


        • #5
          I was going to see, awesome it reminds me the Quake 3 map style, until I read it was a Quake 3 remake X_x loll.

          Great job man!


          • #6
            Looking good!!!!


            • #7
              Looks very nice, can't wait to play this.


              • #8
                This map was tons of fun in Q3A. Glad to see it remade.


                • #9
                  So.. what about this one??


                  • #10
                    One month later, and still no DL Link...



                    • #11
                      Originally posted by EpicJon View Post
                      One month later, and still no DL Link...

                      Ej is right we need it.

                      watch out: replace ur glue wit lava or Djpossee makes it his map with Radiaactiv Lightin.


                      • #12
                        I hope the author is ok and there is a possibility of this still being released. A classic map and looks great in UT3 industrail style. Fingers crossed..


                        • #13
                          cod-x......last activity 5-22-08..... He might come back, but it has been almost three months. Come back cod-x!!!


                          • #14
                            Some talanted mappers have posted in here, possibly someone might offer some help on this if the author is unable to spare the time atm?
                            This would be a great addition for the UT3 Duel community.

                            The recent Quakecon 2008 1v1 final was decided on this map. Video here:
                            Looking at how this is played, this map was just made for prediction shock-combos over those ledges and in front of those doorways..

                            *Fingers crossed. Cray.


                            • #15
                              Crayfish, you can pm him or he has an email adress at his profile, maybe you could tell him that, I'm sure he would love to hear it, wether he finishes the map or not.