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DM - Altrove (PC)

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    DM - Altrove (PC)

    1. Name: DM-Altrove

    2. Version: 1.0

    3. Compatibility: PC [PS3 Maybe]

    4. Description: On an abadoned Liandri outpost, rivals battle too discover the reason for this outposts original existance.

    5. Comments: My first map created for UT3, currently the beta version. Would love some feedback on what people thought on how I could improve.

    6. Screenshot:
    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2
    7. Credits: Thanks too Hourences,, Epic Games Forum and Gasduck for their tutorials for my first map.

    8. Homepage:

    9. Download: DM-Altrove

    I like the map. Solid death match game play.

    My advice (and I am still a n00b also) is more static meshes. You can maintain the abandoned look but increase the detail. Maybe some height fog or something for out and about and some more detail in the surrounding environment. Im a big fan of open death match levels so I am a fan. I would say just add some static meshes.


      Yeah, I plan on adding lots more detail in like maybe changing the lighting a little when I work on the final release. Maybe adding additional rooms.

      I plan on making many more maps and this was a great way too learn.


        The skybox is kind of weird. Looks a bit stretched and clouds never go into the water.