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CTF-Abandona-beta01 screenshots + mapdownload

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    CTF-Abandona-beta01 screenshots + mapdownload

    Name: CTF-Abandona-beta01
    Version: beta-01
    Compatibility: PC
    Description: Small CTF map in an industrial/city-like environment
    Comments: This map started as a DM-map but through the proces i felt like making it a CTF one . This is my 2nd map ever so dont go too hard on me . Also i'd like to state that i have tons of things in my mind to improve this map but im not sure i want to spend a couple more hours in this map or just start up a new one. I'd really like to hear your comments/thoughts.

    Here's my list of what could be done:

    -add collision model to the cars (anyone knows how to do this? The complex collision option doesnt make any difference. Im thinking of making blocking volumes in the shape of the car)
    -place flag on 1st floor or on the roof
    -disable translocator
    -better lightning (bit darkish maybe?)
    -more props
    -better lay out of pick ups (not really comfortable to test gameplay on my -amd 3000+ and 6600 gt tho )
    -underground parking lot
    -more distance between flags



    Credits: epic and myself :P
    Homepage: none

    Wow this looks like my kind of map. Can't wait for the final!!! Oh yeah... For the cars just make blocking volumes that are the height of the bonnet. I did that in my betas of shipment before replacing them with destroyed scorps.


      Work on adding different layers of textures for the ground, not just 1 constant texture, break it up.