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    Its always a very nice thing when an Epic LD drops in on a thread and says nice things about a level. For a mapper that must be very satisfying ... for a pro to recognize really good work and to congratulate you on it. Slain has come very far in the past four-five years I have to say. You are a real pro now man ... can't believe it seemed like only yesterday when I was testing some of your first really solid levels for the UCMP packs.


      Originally posted by AnubanUT2 View Post
      You are a real pro now man ...
      Oh my God... don't say PRO again or he will vanish away like all the other great mappers we were used to see on this pages on the 2KX era! LOL


        I've been doing professional LD for over a year and a half now...

        Anyway thanks for the comments guys. Setheran, the pivot on those fans is way off centre so getting them to spin would be quite the challenge. Heh. Thanks Luv_Studd, thats the kinda stuff I was talking about in the first post, little bits of collision like that need doing still.


          yep, you're right - i was just so jazzed about trying it out, neglected to really read your post.. :P

          A couple pics of sticky spots that could use some attention - nothing major...

          Next to the pillar, where the crosshairs are could use a BV:

          And in the same room, in the nook of the ramp, it needs to be BV'd also:

          This spot, I got caught on the wall mesh as I went up the stairs:

          And in the shield belt room again, as you head up the ramp, there's a gap in the floor where it could be BV'd as the player would appear to be floating otherwise:

          Aside from that, I recall a couple spots where you put some random ammo pickups that are quite close to a static mesh/wall; I think they could stand to be pulled out slightly...


            Can't believe I missed this thread. Loved the earlier versions... can't wait for this.

            Edit: Very much in love with this level. Didn't have any issues with collision... looks good on all PPS...

            Will keep playing and will post if I find anything =P



              Many thanks for that very good beta map
              Love the layout, lightning, weapons placements and music. Great
              The FPS is constant everywhere in the map, super !
              Some things that I notice after a couple of matches (2 vs 2) :

              - Bots don't use the small center area that give access/view to the 3 area (hole to the left in first pic). They seems to try to reach it from any of the 2 easy ways to get in but can't reach it.

              - Bots have difficulties (not always) to jump on the box from the rocket launcher area to go take the two 25 health pack on the upper area. They are easy to kill from a distance.

              - Bots don't use well the lower area where is located the flack canon.

              In future release,

              - Could be nice if you add some kind of effects where we see pump, big machineries.

              - By jumping at the edge of the lift, it could be cool if you can add the udamage on top of the center beam (I think there is 4 or 5 of them).


                Thanks for the feedback Luv_Studd.

                stevelois, thanks. The bots don't go into the holes in the wall because I haven't added anything to tell them to try yet. Will do that. Same with the boxes at the RL, surprised they even try tbh. They probably don't go down to the lower area because I haven't pathed the lift there, which makes it seem like a dead-end to them. I'll see what I can do about the effects, but I won't be adding a UDamage. At least not on those beams.


                  Glad to know that almost the things that i noticed will be address

                  It will be a "must" for sure ! Like a lot of your previous work