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    Name: TitanAKATool
    Version: v1.0 beta 1
    Compatibility: Unreal Tournament 3 - Patch 1.2

    A serveradmin tool for monitoring player identities, initially coded for the Titan servers:

    Also allows you to search for previous players with the same IP/GUID/GamespyID or names.

    This tool removes your server from the 'pure' list, forces 'bKickMissingCDHashKeys' to be True and will be merged with TitanAdminHax in the future (it is a separate project for testing purposes).
    If you come across any problems, please post them here.

    Download: (please don't link to this, link to this thread or mirror instead)

    I encourage you to please keep your tools separate. I know Titan and you seem to like everything big and together. As another server op and from the other side of the coin, I prefer to have them separate. If something goes wrong with one facet then only one mutator needs disabled and not the whole thing. That was one reason I never implemented ONSPlus. It ultimately contained much more than I was ever going to use and as such never left beta mode and it became a pain to keep it up to date.


      Well, it will be separate in the sense that it will be a different mutator (or module, if you like) within the TitanAdminHax package; the reason I want to merge them is that I'm going to eventually update this to work as a ban manager as well, and the TitanAdminHax package already has ban handling code, so it makes a lot of sense to integrate them (it won't be a case of one requiring the other though).


        I'll give this a whirl looks like it's going to be useful

        Thanks for making this!