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DM-Virtuanreal Beta Release 1

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      Oh wow, though this was one of those tragicaly abandoned projects. Fantastic that you've returned and released the map. *Downloading


        lol cool a donwload of the map[ thanxs great that you sti;;; work at this map


          cant wait for a ps3 cook great looking map reminds me of playing WipEout


            Ghozt, sent you a pm. Map looks great, I was kind of hoping you would show up and finish/release it. Really cool!


              Just played. Here are my thoughts.

              Firstly, this is a beautiful map and a wonderful tribute to the style of TRON. It could play a little faster, but that's probably because I should have added more bots.

              Secondly, I have some suggestions.
              1. The killzone should be WAY higher up. I fall for about 30 seconds every time.
              2. Where is the linkgun? There's link ammo, but no gun as far as I can tell.
              3. Putting the bio rifle and the rocket launcher so close might be worth another look, as their relative powers are so weak that the bio rifle is virtually never used on this map. A sniper rifle might be in order, as that is a high place with a direct shot at the rocket launcher, one of the most contested weapons.
              4. A UDamage or Berserk in the shockrifle place?

              Also, I have a couple of questions:

              How did you kill the jump-pad mesh and add your own? I'm making a map, also in a TRON-like style, and the weapon pickups and jump pads are going to kill the styling.

              Is there a trick to getting the white outlines easily, or did you do them all by hand?


                I saw that map months ago and I thought that it was just ended

                It still very promising but I can't play it ATM due to HDD problem but I'll give it a try when time come

                What is coming to my mind is : originality & creativity


                  Looks funny, gotta download this right now


                    Maybe I'm blind so correct me if I'm wrong but, no PS3 cook yet, right?? I'm going through TRON withdrawals.'m dying.........