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    DM-Hollywood Holocaust

    NameM-Hollywood Holocaust
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: latest patch, to be safe
    Description: Full-fledged remake of Duke Nukem 3D's E1L1. Layout and design will remain identical, but the graphics will given a complete makeover.
    Comments: In true Duke spirit the map will be released "When It's Done."

    Credits: Myself, Epic, 3D Realms, Duke 3D High Resolution Pack
    Homepage: n/a
    Download: When It's Done

    Here's the high-res versions of the above shots:

    As you can see I've included, in captions, similar shots from Duke 3D for a comparison.

    I've barely done any work on this map, especially when compared to how much time I plan to put into it.

    I'm aware that it looks like total ***** right now, and really the only reason I'm posting this is so people will be able to see how far it's come when the map is finally complete. And I'd also like suggestions or ideas, too, though I'm already pretty certain on what the map will/won't include.

    Note that almost everything you see in the shots won't be in the final release, aside from the level's very fundamental layout/BSP.

    My ultimate goal is to completely modernize the visuals while keeping the true "feeling" and formula of the map intact.

    I'll post updates from time to time when I see fit, but it's a long way off from any releases.....

    Hopefully, this will be a real treat for any Duke fan who wishes to reminisce about the old days. n00bs should like it, too.

    Questions? Comments? Concerns?

    Fire away.


    Im glad someone is doing it. If you want some beta feedback at any point, feel free to shoot me a pm. Ill be more than happy to take a look.

    Look at some of the stock materials with UT3. The ones with the shiny/reflective/damp/etc surfaces. YOu can create some good effects without creating any new textures.
    Just a suggestion.

    Level looks great.


      Hey, thanks for the support.

      It'll be quite some time before it's ready for beta testing, though. The shots show pretty much everything there is to see, meaning that the entire movie theater interior has yet to be created.

      It's pretty much just a facade that I threw together in order to establish a template for the main design.

      And I'm hoping on making it as interactive as possible(just like the original). That includes the breakable walls, animated surfaces and much, much, more.

      And the reason why everything looks so utterly bland is that I set all the surfaces to have a lightmap resolution of 65536(the worst). It looks many, many, many times better with them all set to 1(the best), but my machine just can't really handle it.

      Perhaps I'll arrive at a compromise, but for now it'll stay @ 65536 for the sake of build times.


        lol duke nukem map look great i have playt the game back in the days


          Great stuff. I like it.


            Good! An URBAN, Urban map This had better end up looking amazing... GRRRRRRRR


              Awesome can we get an release soon?


                Well I'm all out of gum so I hope it's done soon. lol


                  Hey everyone. Thanks for all the kind words....much appreciated.

                  Unfortunately, I don't know if this map will ever get released for several reasons:

                  A. I don't have that much time to work on it.
                  B. I work at a relatively slow pace.
                  C. I'm a perfectionist.
                  D. With all the above criteria taken into account, DNF may very well ship before my map is done. If that happens, I may scrap it as DNF will surely have it's own modernized Hollywood Holocaust.

                  Regardless, I'm going to do whatever I can to get it into a playable state, even if it means initially cutting some corners(hard for a perfectionist to do).

                  And when DNF is released, it's hollywood holocaust may give me even more incentive to finish my map.

                  Either that, or it'll put mine to shame so badly that I'll give up immediately.


                    Come get some!

                    You may be even faster than ID software.


                      Originally posted by Nawrot View Post
                      Come get some!

                      You may be even faster than ID software.
                      No... I think that's 3dRealms.

                      I loved Duke Nukem 3D and its counterpart Shadow Warrior back in the days


                        Me to duke was best at its time, and my bad for mixing IDsoftware and 3drealms. Hope they finally make that prank and finish Duke.


                          Oh the memories....



                            The teaser trailer they released awhile back looked like they have a fairly fleshed out game.

                            They certainly got the code down, the dukes muscles move under his skin as he moves O.o. Like 2 know how you do that without alot of detailed animation and/or texturing.


                              Yay! Loved the UT99 version of this map, good to see it ported to UT3.