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    Originally posted by Syphix View Post
    Yup I have it downloaded and have played it. It was good and I would appreciate some pointers. I am still on the learning curve as I am sure many are so any tips are appreciated.
    that's kool man, I was learning to, safeguard was my first map ever, but i did have a history of editing with the old UEds.. it also took me 4 months, and i did allot of thinking about how to mesh it. I can see you have learned some things that I have not, your kismet it good you know more then me there!!!, and the way you got a texture to curve in some places, I don't know how you did that.

    ok Syphix, I taken a bit of time pointing out things you could do to bring your map closer to epic quality, please do not take any offence to this. I seek only to help you do a great job of this map.

    Before you take a look at the images, I think you should play allot of the industrial maps like deck and hydrosis and look at how epic added detail to the walls and celling etc without drawing attention to bsp. you mentioned there are not many curved meshed, i haven't looked at the industrial meshes but im going to do that for you as well.
    But open up hydro and deck or give them a play and look at the added detail they epic did and she what meshes they used and have a think about how you can use these in your map.

    Also when I was making my map, I find it very hard to map when the PC is go so slow, I suggest you open your map, then another UE editor and copy the room you are working on into a new file, this way your can work on your lighting and quickly build the map, without having to wait up to 10 mins to see the effect or your light work.. then when you are happy you copy it back into your original make, making sure that your not copying anything over the same object.

    I used the LT packages for my map, I know this is too high-tech for your map, but have a look at the LT_Deco package, i know there are some meshes in there that you could find useful.

    I think an important thing for you it not to draw attention to areas where there is bsp, so dim the lights in these areas, and use allot of directional lights where you do want detail to be.

    I like the flag rooms, another thing i want to add, u have plain bsp arround the windows, why not get rid of that by making the windows much biger?

    This image below I cannot strees enough how important it is to use allot of directional spot lights, this would have drawn attention to the meshes you have right there!! and less attacntion to the celling

    in the image below i suggested meshing the celling, if there was not so much light drawing attention to it the it would be fine as is.
    If you used light mesh hanging from the celling then you could have the celling dark and draw attention only to walls and floor

    this looked great when the red and blue lights were off, i suggest removing these. In fact i think there are too many pulsing lights in the level. loved the lightning though



      heres some meshes i found that would be worth looking at how you could use them.. Keep in mind you really want to find a few good meshes and use these meshes allot rather then lots of meshes in a few places. I did notice when I played your map, it took a while to load the textures.

      I looked at hydro and found that it uses allot of the LT_SM Bunker meshes, but just uses diferent textures over top of them, thats the look you are going for so have a look onto the bunker meshes, that corve there should go in that tunnel of yours

      A few other tips:
      • Add a slight blue to the lightning lights (very slight)
      • Removed the lightning lights you have in the flag base dome
        it looks better if the lightning doesn't light up the whole room, rather have it beam down from the other light you have far away. because the lightning shouldn't light up the celling now should it
      • replace the round light mesh with the HU light me, the square one you have been using.. try go for consistancy


        Cheers for putting in this amount of effort. I rarely see someone commenting and providing so much advice on one map so it is really appreciated. A lot of the things pointed out I realised and was intending on changing (such as directional lighting).

        The idea with the weapon suits - I was unsure how to rearrange the weapons with the lack of the ripper.

        I realised my overuse of the pipes as trims lol - Ill go back and sort those out. Also Ill try to remove some of the pulsing lights - especially in the central top room, and remove dynamic from some of the piston lights to save on performance. I tend not to realise how draining this level is because of the power of my computer (6Gb RAM and quad core), so it handles the performance issues that other users may encounter.

        One thing you did not mention which I intend to look in on is creating a new cube map for my windows - atm the reflections are not right for the level, so once I have done everything else I can work on a new one.

        Anyway thanks again for your input - Ill get on the changes asap.

        P.S. Curved floor is not a texture its a mesh from the HU_Deck package

        it also took me 4 months
        lol yer this has taken me a week so far so maybe I should spend 3 and 1/2 months optimising? :P


          I have a few suggestions, all gameplay related.

          I also agree about the railing; would be better for movement if that was removed and if there was a curved ending of the ramps.

          Also; maybe the small rooms LOW outside base where you can go to the elevator could maybe be a bit bigger, or at least the doorways could.

          The elevator area is a bit dark; but I read you were going to fix that later !


            Havent played it yet, but is the original music in?


              Originally posted by Rukifellth View Post
              Havent played it yet, but is the original music in?
              Nope but I tried to get one that suited the theme.


                Id really like to edit this for my personal use...


                  Originally posted by Syphix View Post
                  Nope but I tried to get one that suited the theme.

                  i can help you out with that....check out my Acropolis map, i have ut99 music and other sounds in it. it pretty easy.


                    Wow, I would be thrilled if I got all this great feedback on a map I was working on.


                      If you want gameplay feedback I can helpl, but for feedback on the technical side you can make a topic here at the forum



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                          OK just a quick update - using bazzwano's tips and suggestions the map is undergoing a complete revamp lol. A lot of the suggestions are being addressed so expect the next release to be quite a bit different


                            Sounds excellent. Can't wait