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    Well, the thing is really a transport accelerating station (as of recent) which utilizes electromagnetic rails to perpetuate the trains up to supersonic speeds. As for the lights, I was just experimenting with different settings to figure out what would make it bright enough to see in.

    When I've got a better processor and some RAM, I'll try to fix the lighting properly.


      Originally posted by xViperAKx View Post
      The flak cannon is located above the lift jump, it is supposed to be difficult to access, and yes, it can be hard to find. I know the walls feel a little bare right now, but I'm working on that as we speak, a couple more releases and I should have that all "Dressed" with custom wall panels. I know I take a long time, but I'm glad to hear that you enjoy the map. Ammo is placed far from weapons because I want the player to move about the map looking for ammunition, not just camp around one place, although I could easily add more ammunition laying around to give reason for movement. Also, I was curious, would you enjoy another death trap added to the map? I was considering it greatly, and I would entertain the idea if it weren't for all the other stuff placed in the map already. The jump pad thing, that's placed to the side so as to allow you to jump down the ramp from the catch. Sorry it's not apparent, I will most definitely fix that.

      Another thing, I think I might need to add arrows making it obvious you have to go to the accelerator for the flak. It's a little difficult on purpose so that people don't dominate the arena with the flak.

      Take your time to do it right. There is no rush at all.

      The train is a very good idea. The way the jumpads are used is very creative. But I did not notice all of them. Like you mention, maybe add a neon above it will make the jumpad more apparent or something alike that take our attention ?

      A way to guide the player to the flack is a good idea. But, IMO, it shouldn't be a hard item to find. I understand why the disposal of the flack but if you don't want that it dominate the arena, maybe limiting the amo is enough. The RL is very easy to get and it's a powerful weapon to so... I think that the flack could be located in the higher part of the building and that you can replace the actual flack placement by another valuable item that it is not present ATM.

      I'll wait for the next version. You receive a lot of ideas and have already starting implement others things



        1.4 is available now, seeing as I need more opinions on this new setup for the map. So feedback is much appreciated.


          A1.4 feedback

          Originally posted by xViperAKx View Post
          1.4 is available now, seeing as I need more opinions on this new setup for the map. So feedback is much appreciated.
          Just try the 1.4,

          Thanks to have apply some of my 1.35 comments

          - The piston system is funny indeed Still, there is already the machine gun elsewhere. IMO, the dual enforcer instead with 2 amo would be a better choice

          - For the amo, about the quantity, it is better In regard of there disposal, I found there disposal to much close to the wall (for the one that it apply). It break the flow. Suggest that you put them in the middle of the way instead putting them close to the wall. Same thing for small health.

          This time, I notice some other things that I did not saw the last time. You made the path easier to take/follow with arrow and else. I found my way in the map much easier than before, great !

          In future release, do you plan to do something about the incoming train ? I did die a couple of time because I did not have any clear signal that he was coming. Some suggestions has already been made but I'm curious to see what are your plan for that



            I actually did a few things about the train's ambient sounds. If you'll take notice, there is a loud sound before it comes along. A very loud sound, like a jet taking off or something. Anyways, I'm glad you checked it out, are the walls better looking now as compared to before?


              Originally posted by xViperAKx View Post
              I actually did a few things about the train's ambient sounds. If you'll take notice, there is a loud sound before it comes along. A very loud sound, like a jet taking off or something. Anyways, I'm glad you checked it out

              I did notice some sort of loud sound coming. When I think about it, maybe it is because the escape route are slim. I mean that by the time you ear the train coming and the time you have to escape is so tight that most of the time I got kill since the escape route are limited. More, you have 2 sides that a train is passing, so even if there is some sort of sound, I don't know if it's the train on my side or on the other side that's gonna pass

              On the fly, I can suggest the idea that you keep 1 of the 2 train static and arrange it in a way that he got some damage with some sort of effect like smoke coming out. So in the end you can end up with 1 dynamic train like now and 1 static train with only with 1 wagon or 2 visible at the exit of the tunnel and even put the redeemer on that static train. So the player must travel a lot to get to the redeemer and others players can kill that player with a sniper disposed at the opposite side.

              ...are the walls better looking now as compared to before?
              I don't want to offense you and it is only my feeling of the surrounding structure. My last comments about the walls was not about bad looking but about the fact that there look < flat >. I mean that when I'm located in the middle structure of the map (building & ramps) and look around, I have the bad feeling to stand in a big square box. When I look at these exterior walls, I see round & square on a flat walls. IMHO, curvy material is the way to go.


                Okay. I'll fix that then, it will require a small amount of new geometry, but I just hope it doesn't interfere with the jumps, that's all. If you take a look at the original map, I've deviated a lot from its original layout, but I think you're right about the square feel and such, I'll see what can be done about the walls and structure of the exterior, your suggestions have already helped a great deal, no doubt, and I feel that I needed some real criticism to get it going. Thanks

                EDIT: I'll fire up the editor and do what I said, also, both trains run at the same time.


                  I'm happy that I can help you The ONLY thing I ask in return is to put my name in the credits. I think that it is not to much to ask.

                  Still, my first try was the 1.35 and I did not saw the progress before 1.35, I think that it's already a good map and only need some attentions about decos and lightning to be a great map.

                  This map as a unique atmosphere

                  What I can notice with the time and I don't want to be offendant, sadly, the beta forum is somehow poor in elaborate feedback and you'll get more feedback in the final forum. For sure, some members do comment saying that it look good or play well or this is ugly or the FPS is low or that... but not much in a way that can really help the mapper to push the map to it's limits or add ideas that it will make the map more stylized.


                    Today I shall edit the geometry, add more meshes, and give you guys an update. It will be 1.45, because I'm not yet willing to call this another version. It still will have the same basic layout, just some cool stuff to boot. Thanks for your time.

                    EDIT: In 1.45 there will be: Altered Geometry pertaining to the walls, more static meshes on the exterior, better lighting (real pain in the *****), and better warning systems.


                      Originally posted by xViperAKx View Post
                      ...In 1.45 there will be: Altered Geometry pertaining to the walls, more static meshes on the exterior, better lighting (real pain in the *****), and better warning systems.


                        You really got me on the walls there. I'm going to have to fix up the lighting, and it'll take a while. I'm adding light sources (not lights yet) all over the place respectively. I recently fixed up the ceiling so that it doesn't look so bland, but I'll have to build the lighting soon so that I can get a judgment of what's what and what looks good and what doesn't. You'll see some pretty cool lighting when I'm done with it. As for the warning systems, you'll see and hear the rail charging up with electricity for the train. I did a lot of kismet work yesterday concerning that. Not only that will be fixed though.
                        I'm also making it so that the paths are easier and the ammunition is easier to access. I won't be able to make it so that the player is awarded a kill when the piston crushes a bot or someone, sorry. But what I will be able to do is move around the health and such so that there's more movement on all levels. Hope to hear back from you when it's up.


                          You will without a doubt hear from me as you aready did since 1.35

                          Don't worry about the delays. I know pertinaly that it take months to build a great map and it's not like you have to worry about that based on what you already accomplish so far.

                          I love your map and you are open to suggestions so for me it is the best combination to give some positive and constructive feedback

                          You should participate to the MSUC, your map have what it take



                            Okay, updated, finally. I told you the changes, now enjoy!

                            Beta 1.45 is available, and I hope the changes are enjoyable for those who play. Thanks for your time.


                              Enjoyed the game we had Playing very nice now and looking great




                                After a couple of matches, all I can say is that I like the map more than before The last changes make the flow much better (items & ammo disposal, added jumpad, etc) and in regard of the train (incoming sound, electricity, etc), it is perfect ! You made an awesome job For the piston, it doesn't matter if I get no reward, anyway, it is fun and that what it count !

                                First I compare what as been done since the 1.4 about the exteriors walls. I can see a good improvement. It doesn't have < curvy > lines but in the end it look less "round & square on a flat wall" since it use a more suitable material and it's darker. At the opposite, regardless of the stuff you put on the wall for visual touch, we barely see it... Anyway, it's better than before

                                This pic is to show that on that side of the map, the train, the lights on the front, the structure beneath (between the yellow lines) are visually great The only little thing that I would modify is placing the jumpad in the middle of the plateforme.

                                This pic was to show the difference between the train on the other side. I presume that you just forget to apply the same treatment (lightning on the train, lights on the front). I would tend to disposed the big health between the lights, it will make it more visible from a distance from any angle, make a better look to. The plateform look unfinished ?

                                What I would like to see in the next release is :

                                1- Add 1 Dual enforcer stand replacing 1 of the 2 machine gun.
                                2- Add the tights pads (if there are there, I did not find them...) in the opposite building where you find the helmet.
                                3- Finish the unfinished train.


                                1- There are some room that need definitely < life > in them. One is completely empty. It could be a good place for the tights pads. Still the decos fits well, there is no lightning or items in the room ?

                                2- When the train is passing, if there can be a sort of light beneath the rails or structure that follow the train, it could visually improve the train passage.

                                3- Put a little more small health, like 2-3 in a row at some dark areas. It will add some colors and fill the emptiness.

                                I don't talk to much about lightning since you already said that you will work on that later.

                                Continue your good work