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DM-Hyraxis [RC2][DL/Video](Soon to be released)

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    Visuals are looking better, but still a little mismatched - though that might be solved once the post processing is set up. I'm not too keen on the electrical field at the bottom; it just looks very UT99 and kind of out of place. It'd also be a good idea to be careful about how/where you use forcefield type decorations. The circular ones on the floors/ceilings looked solid to me, and I'd never have known you could fall through them if I didn't see the bots doing it. If you do decide to keep them, though, then it'd be cool if you could trigger them to make a sound when you pass through, with a brief flash/blur post processing effect like on Deimos. I think they did that just using a trigger for the sound and a very thin post processing volume over the forcefields.

    Gameplay's still fun, but be wary of decoration that takes up too much space in corridors or otherwise gets in the way. The bots definitely need some work too - at the end of the match they all had 1-5 points each but about 30 deaths, nearly all from the trains. I also noticed that you don't get awarded a kill for using the crusher on someone, but I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done about that.


      I fixed most of those issues mentioned in alpha 5, I haven't released it yet because there's just a few things I need to do in it. If I were to keep them (which I am), should I alter the alpha so that they're see-through? Or should there be something that tells you to go into them? Anywho, the bots have been fixed. They no longer go after the super health. I also try to keep the decoration to a minimal protrusion, with the exception of the generator room.


        I got a little lazy with the updating, but it's beta now! So check it out.


          Beta 1.1 is out. With exterior meshing and the likes. Enjoy!


            I did add all the post processing effects in 1.2 that you asked for, Setheran, but I've yet to do some kismet for the hologram drops. I did decorate the ceiling and the death pit, somewhat, but I think I still need to add stuff to the walls because they seem pretty blank. I don't know if I'll get around to that today or not, but eventually it will happen. When I'm done with that, I'll head on to release candidacy.


              looks awesome! d/ling.


                I definitely need some feedback on this map and how it plays. I don't want it to go final without some serious testing. It's ridiculous how many people look for two seconds, glance at the screenshots, and say nothing about the map. People need feedback so that they can improve their maps a great deal.

                Aside from that, 1.3 is out, but 1.4 will be released next week, when I hopefully have more information about bugs, visual needs, and fixes required for me to finish this map, I will continue.


                  I tried it last night. After loading it up in Instant Action, the next screen popped up stating; "Connecting", and I had to exit through the console to end it. I thought that was odd for an quick game vs. bots, so I tried it again, but had the same result.


                    Just saw the thread and I'll give the 1.3 a try.

                    Reading all the post, it sound unique and fun.

                    Meantime, can you tell us what your planing for the 1.4 version because I don't want to report things that are already fix or know issues that others has report ?



                      Originally posted by vläd View Post
                      I tried it last night. After loading it up in Instant Action, the next screen popped up stating; "Connecting", and I had to exit through the console to end it. I thought that was odd for an quick game vs. bots, so I tried it again, but had the same result.
                      I have the same problem. This might be why your not getting much feedback. It looks awesome, and I'm a HUGE TimeSplitters fan. I would really like to test this out.


                        Oh, sorry. That might be because of the .ini file. I could go back to my usual style and just upload the version without all the mumbo jumbo so that it can play fine without the confusion. I will post it now. Beta 1.35


                          Just try the 1.35.

                          The concept is very unique and fun ! The atmosphere is simply, wow

                          I have few things to comment.

                          Weapons amo. I found that most of the standard weapons are there but the amo is rather place far from the weapon or don't have amo at all. By example, if you look at the bio rifle, it is alone in a empty room. I've try to locate the flack and I did not found it (maybe I'm blind lolll) ? 1 or 2 amo closed to the weapon is IMO essential.

                          Elevator beam, it look very good and fit very well for the buildings. But IMO repetitive when used with the elevators outside the buildings. Since you use a big fan on the bottom, I would tend to make them spin at much higher speed, add some kind smoke going up and remove the beam.

                          Health pickup, these at some places are disposed very close to the walls instead of being in the center of the corridor. It would be better if the disposal of these was in the center, it make the flow better and reduce the damage from the weapon projectile on the wall.

                          Lightning, FTM, since you said in previous posts that you will continue to work on the lightning, I'll point out only the area that seem < nude > and need some attention. The celling here is flat. It need some material/polishing :

                          Small health pickup (4-5) in the center with added lightning to the right could be great :

                          By this angle, you can see that all the wall is flat. The material used is nice but another material like rocks or something that have curves in it would be a much better visual choice and make the look less < circle and square on a flat wall >. This is in regard of all the surrounding walls except the building. The screenshot wall is just an example. This material is IMO the best you can use on the building but not on the exterior structure. I would try the stock rocks, some are just beautiful and would fit well with this underground theme.

                          Jumpad placement look odd to me. I would place it at the edge of the plateforme :

                          This is my preferred room. The use of this < blue bubble > that permit to go to floors below is unique and creative. Just curious to see how it would look if you add a sort of beam or lightning effect in the middle of the celling. Notice that you can add a background color to the corridor between the health pack and amo coz now we barely see that it is a corridor.

                          It is on a good way and I'm looking forward the next release.

                          THX for the map


                            The flak cannon is located above the lift jump, it is supposed to be difficult to access, and yes, it can be hard to find. I know the walls feel a little bare right now, but I'm working on that as we speak, a couple more releases and I should have that all "Dressed" with custom wall panels. I know I take a long time, but I'm glad to hear that you enjoy the map. Ammo is placed far from weapons because I want the player to move about the map looking for ammunition, not just camp around one place, although I could easily add more ammunition laying around to give reason for movement. Also, I was curious, would you enjoy another death trap added to the map? I was considering it greatly, and I would entertain the idea if it weren't for all the other stuff placed in the map already. The jump pad thing, that's placed to the side so as to allow you to jump down the ramp from the catch. Sorry it's not apparent, I will most definitely fix that.

                            Another thing, I think I might need to add arrows making it obvious you have to go to the accelerator for the flak. It's a little difficult on purpose so that people don't dominate the arena with the flak.


                              Visuals are much improved in this latest version. I really like the post processing tint, and there are some nice bits of decoration around. For me the only major flaw left in that department is the lighting - 70% of the meshes have bright white lights on them, but hardly any of those are actually casting light on themselves or the surroundings. It looks very strange when you've got a wall panel which is totally black apart from the bright white emissive bits in its material.

                              Bots did much better this time round too, and seemed to keep up fairly well in scores. I noticed, though, that when I knocked one of the off a ledge with the Shock or something it just said they killed themselves. I'm not sure what kind of actor you're using to cause death down there, but if you replace it with a UTKillZ volume then it should award the kill to the last person to damage the victim before they fell in, as it should.


                                IMO, it needs a skydome, which someone has said already. I like the layout of the map, but the overall theme just seems kind of strange, and those neon signs look really out of place in a (powerplant?) setting like this. Those signs, and the subway almost give it a urban/Blade Runner type setting, and I know that's not what you were aiming for. Also, I hope someone didn't already mention this, but when the train hit me, I flew out of the map. It's fun so far, but it needs a few things to bring it to life.