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    Description:Rising Sun....but with doors wide open and another world behind it
    Comments:This is my first beta. Need some help to get its performance better.
    Credits: Epic for their great map Rising Sun and {AS}Psycho Killaaah for his XL..........



    Try shooting the dragons. Lol, The don't give damage yet....but in my final version they watch out for them. You might kill yourself or can use them to kill others,,,,,in the final version...

    Psycho K....


      it takes a lot of fps but it looks good.


        This is sort of random but one thing that always bothered me about Rising Sun. You have this old Chinese setting, so who thought it was a good idea to put a chain link fence in the level amongst the whole style? Honestly... Like the Chinese had chain link fencing back then.


          Nice concept, great execution. Bloom looks a bit heavy though.


            Hi Nyghtcrawler,

            Is this the only inconsistent thing you noticed in UT3......rotflmao....

            What about the name: "Unreal...."? Does that ring a bell... I'm just kidding.

            But serious...are there aspects of the map that should be diff/changed and do ya have some ideas that I could work out? I think of altering the skies. No more blue skies. Adding damage to the flames. Then the dragons become a real aspect of the game.

            I think that you don't have to be a mapper to have a good idea, so ......

            Psycho K


              Hi Mahalis,

              Bloom was like in original. Haven't played with it yet. I'll have to experiment with it. Any idea where I should start?

              Psycho K


                This looks awesome, I was actually thinking someone should do the same thing, but for shangrila. Will there be a ps3 cook, when its done?


                  How to do a ps3 cook?


                    I don't know, but AnubanUT will do it for you!


                      Originally posted by PsychoKillaaah View Post
                      How to do a ps3 cook?
                      There's a link to a tutorial a lot of PC modders find useful for PS3 cooks here.

                      I also found a cooking tutorial in another thread, as shown below:

                      Originally posted by RellikMdk View Post
                      Here is an easy step by step guide many people have found very useful I hope it helps:

                      1. In Frontend select "PS3" in the "Platform" field, "North America" in "Game Version", "Map" (assumed its a Map) in "Mod Type" field

                      2. Put your uncooked (mine was uncooked, no clue if it can be a pre-cooked for PC one) map into C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\UnPublished\CookedPC\CustomMaps (can be another path mebbe, but just to be safe)

                      3. Enter the path to your map in the "Maps" field (with .ut3 ending). Put quotation marks (like so : "yadda") around it else the tool will get confused by the spaces and wont be able to load the map

                      4. Click cook. It'll spout lines after lines of "Cant find package stealthbender" or something like that, ignore it.

                      5. Eventually itll finish and ask you to save. Enter a name

                      6. Now itll have done two things :
                      a)Placed A PS3 folder to whereever you did save it (if you entered c:\ itll be c:\PS3), delete that one, itll have a bad ini
                      b)Placed a "Mods" directory into C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame with your cooked stuff in it. Thats the one you want. If you cooked a map itll have 5 files :,, Globalpersistencookerdataps3.upk, and PS3-UTgame.ini

                      7) Edit the ini according to this : (i deleted the note behind the ; , prolly unecessary). Adding preview image, Numplayers and Author prolly is the same as with the pc, i didnt add one because first priority was getting it to run at all and i didnt want to add anything which could possibly confuse the stupid tools :P

                      8) Go back into front end. Now click "Package Mod", browse to the "Mods" folder and click and drag so that all the 5 files are selected. "Open", enter a name, save.

                      9) Zip it and put it online

                      (This guide is not mine it was written by Schleicher)
                      I don't own the PC version of the game (yet) so can't comment personally how easy it is to cook, but thanks for considering cooking for PS3, hopefully you'll find the above useful


                        map is looking really good, like the lighting....but it kinda kills the sky...


                          Pretty cool, and as for ideas...

                 could always spice things up by placing some hidden floor traps aswell, seeing as you have deadly dragon statues already...wouldn't mind some floor tiles with holes where spikes rise from when you step on them...or something like that. doesn't need to be insta-kill everything, but quite some damage (25-40 damage orso)

                          God, how i miss the good old deadly trap mapping time...XD

                          EDIT: Bah...can't download...filefront's a ***** again...all links i hit bring me to the front page.