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DM-RVS-AntiCamper [Final]

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    DM-RVS-AntiCamper [Final]

    Name: DM-RVS-AntiCamper Beta
    Version: Beta 1.0
    Compatibility: UT 3 Version 1.2
    Description: A 3 room training map to help hone your entry level fighting skills.
    Comments: This is my first "released" map for UT 3/UT series. I decided to start with a smaller/basic map and work my way up.
    Credits: Hourences (Tutorials and ReadMe layout) so far.
    Download: Final version thread

    Map Info
    1. The layout consists of 2 main battle areas seperated by a center room. Most of the fighting is on the x/y axis with a few platforms to mix it up.

    This is based on a previous map and I wanted to keep the layout similar to it. I know this type of layout is not ideal for UT, but work with me.

    2. All of the basic weapons are included, except the Redeemer. There is a UDamage, helmet, & slow field generator for the extra stuff.

    3. You can shoot through the orange fields, but not the green ones.

    My Concerns

    1. How is the weapon/item placement considering the layout (which won't change much)?

    2. How is the lighting?

    3. Is there a relative easy way to create a new material with out the cube maps (glass, green/orange force fields)?

    4. Are there any techniques I can used to optimize the map/file size?

    5. I am open to any music suggestions as I don't listen to it while playing the game.

    6. I will add a screen shot for the final version.

    7. Are there any essential aspects I am missing that can be used on any map (example: Blocking Volumes to create smoother game play)

    8. I will try to create a PS3 version of anyone thinks they would want to play it on that platform.

    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to check it out.




    hoho look nice ...third pict make me think to an airport hall....
    the glasses partitions give to the map a labyrinth gameplay.....and it s so cool to explode a combo shock just on the head of the opponent witch is in the other side of the glass
    thx for the good work


      I appreciate you taking a look at it. I know the layout is very simplistic (intentional). I am going to make a version of the map with solid partitions and release it them together. They should be done by this weekend.

      I am going to change the color of the "force field" partitions. I am thinking blue for the majority and keep the green just for the ones you can shoot through.


        I like the look of this map



          Both maps are good and played best with TDM. I played AntiCamper first to get a better handle on the layout and then Camper and I recommend this to anyone.