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vCTF-Kargo-Necris (Beta)

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    vCTF-Kargo-Necris (Beta)

    This is my first map that actually made it to Beta




    Description:Kargo with a Necris twist

    Comments:-Replaced scorpions with scavenger and viper
    -Replaced Goliath with Nemisis
    -Replaced HellBender with NightShade
    -Replaced EMP mines with Jump Boots
    -Replaced SlowVolume with Super Health
    -Got rid of kismet sequence that replaces tank
    -Added Necris Bulbpipes to the playing area
    -Change water to nanoblack
    -Added Necris Tentacles to middle of water and middle of city
    -HeightFog and light change to darker and thicker colors


    Credits:Myself and Epic for the game



    If you Could Help Me With Getting This Finished it would be greatly appreciated

    you should change the meshes. please use necris-meshes.

    ATTENTION ! ! !

    dont put vehicles, which does not match ! the viper isnĀ“t the opponent-vehicle to scorpion. SO...

    - tank - stay (tank)
    - scorpion - scavander
    - hellbender - stay (hellbender)


      Well for one i didnt change the meshes to necris because its a necris takeover

      i felt that it was missing the manta so i changed one scorp to viper (counter of mants)

      i consider leaving the tank in but i also wanted a MORE destroyed look so i took out the crane thing and just placed the nemisis
      also i was going to replace the hellbender with the nemesis a nd leasve the tank but the nemisis wouldnt spawn so i went woth this idea

      with the rest of the vehicles i wanted it to be necris not axon AND necris so thats why i canged the hellbender


        Might be interesting to have an Axon vs. Necris option.


          Any chance of a PS3 cook?


            if someone can cook it for me then that'd be great


              Cooking for the ps3 is actually pretty easy.



                Thank for making this! Was hoping for a Darkwalker but I guess it'd be easy to step out of the ship


                  Sorry to say but that looked really boring. All I see is green, and piles of stuff lying around.

                  When designing anything, you need to have something unique that stands out, something the entirety of the design evolves around. Like Shangri La, has these samurai statues. Without those, it would not have the epic feel.


                    I'm unable to download the map, unfortunately.

                    I'd say make both Scorps into Vipers. Their emphasis on forward movement and their suicide ability makes them good flag-running vehicles. The Scavenger is more like a Manta: good for anti personnel and highly agile, but you have to abandon it to grab the flag so you risk the enemy taking it, severely reducing its effectiveness as a flag-runner.

                    The Nemesis is probably just as devastating as the Goliath, and possibly needed to counter the higher agility of the Viper compared to the Scorp.


                      Sorry to hear, ive actually been working on the map, slower, but still have and ill probably take into conciedration some of your ideas thanks for the feed back, i have also taken into consideration everyone else feeback aswell


                        Hi there, we noticed you have been working hard on this beta, and we would like to feature it in the vctf bbq II, which is Saturday and Sunday, August 9th and 10th.

                        Do you think you have enough time to get everything polished up by the 3rd of August, so we could get it in the map pack and feature it in the event?

                        I don't know if you made it to the last one but it was awesome, and full of all types of players from the community. Everyone had a great time, and we would like to make you a part of it.

                        So if there is anything (server to beta on, people to beta for you, mirror, whatever) we can do to help out, let us know! We want this map in the bbq II !

                        Here is the thread for the NEW bbq II:

                        Here is the thread for the last bbq:


                          Hmm... i have been slowly going on and off with this project, i could try to finish the next beta, but im have problems with my editor,it crashing everytime i build all, but ill try to get that fixed a.s.a.p.


                            lol to be honest i never knew this exsisted infact i was gana make a kargonecris my self after the map im working on is done but o well less to worry about XD