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DM-LTC_Shipment (PC and PS3 Download, Pics) RELEASE CANDIDATE 2

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    No problem, I'll check this out soon to let you know how it goes. You might want to change the tag on your post to show that its not just pc anymore but both.


      Already been done, thanks for the help!

      Enjoy Playing!!!


        Thats cool. PS3 version runs great. Someone else had remade shipment awhile back, but I didnt like it. Youre version on the other hand plays better and looks visually better too. Good job for that.

        EDIT: I actually meant the post icon. Youre using the solid blue which means pc only. The blue/red icon means pc and ps3.


          Oh Ok, ill change it now!
          Glad your enjoying the map!


            Out of curiosity ever think of putting some z-axis gameplay in it? Either on top of the boxes or adding in some other elements (crane, etc)? Just curious. Still fun regardless.


              I thought about that, and i also thought about opening up the map a bit, making areas other than around the crates playable. I dissmissed the second idea as it would no longer be shipment, however i am still wondering if there could be a way to implement z-axis without altering the way the map is played.

              If you can think of a way to do this well, i would definately consider it.

              Some maps like DM-nightinthepark have special editions that are larger with changes to gameplay, i could of course do this with my map as well. That would stop me from working on any other maps though.

              In retrospect it seems like a good idea and would also give me an excuse to make an urban map without having to work from the ground up. I'll fiddle around a bit and if I come up with anything playable i may start work on it!

              I am going to go ahead with the idea of making a SE after i have finished with this. If you can think of anything to improve this map i will make some changes, if not i will make it RC1


                I think z-axis would give it more freedom of movement and opportunities.

                Adding this like cranes or catwalks could easily do this for you. The picture below is a boat but you get the idea:

                Or here's a bay:

                These are just ideas. Might not even work but good to toss around.


                  Ok, there are a few changes I am going to make to this map, but i am not going to add Z-Axis until the Special edition which will also be a lot larger!


                    The map has been updated to BETA 3 People!!!

                    Changes include:
                    Better heightfog
                    more small details
                    flack cannon moved to centre crossroads part
                    Link gun replace where old flack cannon was.
                    more ammo pickups
                    pickup lights added
                    altered background
                    different sky

                    Links on front Page!!!


                      Bump to front page so people notice the update.


                        Hehe sorry about four cosecutive posts but here is the changelog for beta 4

                        Better lighting
                        lessened heightfog
                        changed sky back to old one
                        a bit better bot pathing

                        If you notice anything wrong tell me, if by the smae time tomorrow i do not get any feeback i will update to RC1 status.


                          Are the links updated? Seems to be the same link on the main page as yesterday (Beta 3).

                          EDIT: Disregard as they are now up.


                            no new pics?



                              I think I liked it better with less fog than it has now.... Also maybe since the map is a bit darker now, you might add in some street or floodlights to liven it up a bit.


                                Originally posted by EpicJon View Post
                                no new pics?

                                Sorry i will have a few new ones up in a minute.

                                Nightcrawler are you playing beta 3 or beta 4?
                                Beta 4 has the fog changed back to the same as before and better lighting.