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CTF-Skyline [Beta, Pics, DL, PS3]

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    CTF-Skyline [Beta, Pics, DL, PS3]

    Name: CTF-Skyline
    Version: H (Public Beta 1)
    Compatibility: UT3 1.2
    Description: A small CTF level utilizing the rooftop environment area from DM-Gateway. Some moderate layout additions and changes have been made to accomodate CTF gameplay. The idea is pretty simple, but I feel like it works quite well. Gameplay is somewhat "woot" style as travel without the translocator is largely dependent on jumppads or jump boots. It should be suitable for CTF and iCTF, although it's quite an open level so be wary of overloading it with players.

    Suggested players: 6-10
    Credits: Epic Games, Me (Wail / Wail of Suicide)
    Homepage: or
    Download: PC: Download Here, PS3: Download Here.





    Current to-do list for next beta:

    -Improved botpathing
    -Refine environmental emitters
    -Kismet events
    -Apply teamcolor material to the blue base teleporters
    -Base side jump pads' Z component is sometimes insufficient to handle their jump properly. This is a known issue. Jumping before hitting the jumppad should always result in a successful jump to the platforms.
    -Level optimization

    So its just a ctf version of an original ut3 dm map?



      Updated the original post with the PS3 cooked version. If you've got a PS3 let me know if it works for you -- Cooking for PS3 seemed to go smoothly, but it's the first map I've cooked for PS3 so I have no frame of reference.

      Originally posted by EpicJon View Post
      So its just a ctf version of an original ut3 dm map?

      Part of a DM level converted into CTF, yes.


        wow nice looking map !

        maybe DM version is good too
        I want both


          Hi, I love the map.

          The ps3 download though is not cooked, you should end up with a userdata.jam file, but you have several files, which is not fully cooked, and ps3 users cant use either.

          Please could you fix the ps3 version to be cooked, thanks.

          The map looks excellent, and cant wait to play it.


            I think it could use some performance tweaking. Framerate drops to 50-55 on my pc ( Q6600 3.6Ghz - DDR2 1Ghz - 8800GT OC ) in a 16vs16 match. That's a lot less then what I get on other maps.

            See if you can reduce graphics quality and remove objects here and there on locations where people will never know. I only ask this when framerate drops below 60 on my pc with my settings. 19/20 maps I test have framerate above 60. When it drops below 60 on a map I always suggest to tweak the map. Not for me, because 50-55 is still playable but for people with less powerfull systems.

            Also, I would add a small jumper on the left and on the right at the flags. You can only reach the flag platform with a good timed doublejump and that's not always very easy with a lot of action going on. A jumper ( don't know the name for that thing ) that brings you to the flag would make it a lot easyer.

            Made a high-res screenshot:

            Forgot to look if you made a menu preview, but if you didn't, make sure to add it in the final release.


              Thanks for the heads up on the PS3 version. I've recooked it for PS3 and put the new link on the first post. Let me know if that works.

              Also, JelleRogermees, I'll see what I can do about performance but I'm not sure there is a huge amount possible.
              Regarding your suggestion, I'm not sure jump pads to the flags are necessary. You can reach the flag by going up the ramps on the side or in the center, dropping down from the teleporter above, double jumping, jumping and wall dodging, translocating, impact hammer jumping ... There are a lot of options.
              I appreciate the high-res screenshot. It looks killer!

              Level preview screenshot is already in, by the way.


                Map is installed on this Server

                Name: powered by
                MoD: ZeroPing Instagib Capture The Flag