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VCTF-EoW-SilentHillBeta Updated Beta4 3/18/08

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    wasnt abble to jump on cars but i had big fun playing ur map
    really good theme even if i ve never play silent hill
    gameplay s very speed around the flag^^lol
    thx for good job


      You know, I love this map and all, but I was running around thinking to myself, "You know what would be friggin' sweet? If every 2 and a half minutes it would switch (mind you this is a ton of kismet and just a thought) the entire map to the "hellish" format, then back again after a few minutes."

      Of course, you'd pretty much have to build the entire map over againand somehow swap all the parts seemlessly, which would be like the biggest Matinee sequence ever... but it would be cool anyway...

      Anyways, pretty cool, though I hate gettin' a surprise attack from out of the mists by a bot that can see me even though I can't see them. Kinda adds to the atmosphere, but still annoys me from time to time, lol.