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Dm-PlugPit, City above sinkhole

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    Dm-PlugPit, City above sinkhole



    Compatibility:Pc only so far, i havent tested or cooked for ps3

    Description:You've all seen the city through the holes in sinkholes roof? Now you can play in it too!!!! You can use a jumpad to reach those logs and watch out for that bloody stinger, it seems to own this map in abots hand.

    Comments:This is only the2nd map i believe i have posted so please give as much feedback as possible.

    Screenshot:Coming up soon, possilbly in 10 mins.

    Credits:All too epic, this isn't a new map, its sinkhole modified to be playable on top instead, no credits for me.

    Homepage:None, just here for now.


    Its been 10, i want screenshots. LOL.


      its been alot, still waiting *sigh*


        You have to put up invisable walls so that people can't jump off the map.

        You have
        - Battle platform
        - Map platform

        At the moment, you can jump off the battle platform like this:

        Then, there is no way to join the battle again unless you kill yourself.

        If you start walking further away from the battle platform, you can jump of the map platform, like this:

        Then, you will keep on falling unless you kill yourself with the "suicide" command.

        Oh, and I love the map, so here is a screeny for the people who want one:


          Thanks for the feedback.

          I'll get to work straight away.

          Sorry about the screenshots, my comp uploads anything other than pictures it seems in seconds flat.

          Map = 2 seconds
          5 images = 30 mins!!!! I had to leave so sceens will be soon.