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CTF-GoodVsEvil [Pics][Beta v2.0]

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    CTF-GoodVsEvil [Pics][Beta v2.0]

    Name: GoodVsEvil
    Version: 2.0
    Compatibility: PC (learning how to cook for PS3)
    Description: The object of this map is to stay on top of the walkways, it's a longer walk to the other end if you're knocked off or fall.
    Comments: This is still my first map, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone knows how to get the music to work, lemme know, it just doesn't work for me.
    Updates since last release:
    • Fixed the lighting
    • Fixed proportion of foliage and brush
    • Fog added, with a sky dome to match
    • Added several more weapons are fixed placement of several others

    What still needs to be added:
    • Music (not sure how to add it yet)
    • A preview image for the CTF list in-game
    • Any suggestions that interest me

    Credits: The map was made entirely by myself.



    (bump) (anything?)


      doesnt look too bad mate .

      ill give it a d/l, and give you some feedback. also noticed you're having problems with music... you could always send me an uncooked copy and i could get it working for you .


        ok mate, i gave it a test. not bad for a first map .

        now i could go on and on about bugs, weapon placement, etc, but seeing you're new to this i wont (as i say to every other new mapper). ill just give you some constructive criticism to get you going. we all have to start somewhere lol.

        so, here's what may need touching up...

        ================================================== ================

        - The Walkways: they are quite large, but that isnt the problem. The problem lies in the mesh that was used. when i walked accross the gaps in them, i didnt fall through. This was due to the collision mesh that is used for the mesh. Fixing this can be quite complex, as you need to create new packages, etc, and export the mesh as an *.obj from Unreal... if you like, i could help you with that later.

        - Lockup? I had a problem with some annoying lockups while i was playing. Not sure how to fix this, but you may want to seek help with it... its definatly not my PC, because that's the first map its ever happened on lol.

        ================================================== ================

        otherwise i really couldnt find any problems with the map . good luck, i'll be watching for future ones from you