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    Originally posted by AnubanUT2 View Post
    ^^ Not a good sign I will say ... guess most of the PS3 crowd has moved onto other games on the PS3. Frontlines, Army of Two, and the upcoming Condemned 2, R6V2, and Dark Sector are really gonna test the loyalty of the true UT3 fans. I really expect to see a lot less interest over the next few weeks (heck some folks are probably playing Super Smash Brawl II over this) and then you have MGS4 and GTA IV to contend with no to mention some others that will sneak into the equation. This is why I think Epic underestimated the PC crowd ... we were loyal no matter what games came out and the forums were always buzzing with lots of activity back in the Ut2K4 days ... I think we can see what is happening now. Console users are just so used to playing one title for a little while and moving on to the next big thing ... I see this as a major issue for the PS3 users ... how much more time will Epic even invest in UT3 on either platform quite honestly if this is the way the community is going? I wonder ... but in any event we still want and need your great maps Bret so don't get discouraged and stop mapping please. We've already lost enough good modders.
    I agree at 100% with you. For the reasons you're mentioning, UT3 phenomena is absolutely nothing compare to all his predecessor.

    Speaking for my community support, I was very active in the forums because I was in vacation. They're finish. I begin to work tomorrow, so I'll be here much less often than before.

    And honestly, it doesn't bother me at all. Surely, the community don't give a **** neither. The "old" community is almost dead and the new players / mappers as turned to be ungrateful of whatever support you can offer. Shame, UT is a good game but...


      Eh I think this map would be better if I took out the blue primary node, sealed it up, made the blue base a little less open, make the base just like the red one's architecture. Re-design it a bit and make it a VCTF map.

      And steve, where did you get the idea that I'm ungrateful of your suggestions or support? That's not the case at all, I don't know where you got that from.