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WAR-Aether (screenshots; download; new map)

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    WAR-Aether (screenshots; download; new map)

    here is an excerpt from the readme, says it all, really:




    credits: me, epic games, anyone who helped me at both and (there's quite some people and I can't remember 'm all).

    key words for people who don't like to read: first map (totally new), good looking imho bar performance, great gameplay, bots not fully functional.

    This is a total new warfare map (totally spawned from my brain). It is onslaught, with the addition of an orb at the base, and int he middle of
    all that an assault element is mixed in. This is my first map, so you might notice some noobie mistakes, mostly due to my inexperience.
    I beg your humble forgiveness, and ask you to critique whatever it is you feel like critiquing. However, do notice the following things:

    Known issues:
    -bots: they play the map, surely... but: they dont move the turrets (yet), hardly ever swim across the lake, don't take the energy
    bridge when they have to, nor do they fully participate in the assault element. That's all for the second beta or the final version. You can
    however have a fun game with the bots just as they are now. also, blue always seems to win :/
    - there is no rain as of yet int he level, i'll add that later. Btw, with rain, the blur and fog makes more sense.
    - there may be performance issues on some pc's, but notify me of it, and if you can, tell me how to improve it, since i've done much to
    up the framerate, but can't think of anythign more. it is however very toned down in graphics for lowend users, so, feel free to enjoy.
    - some bases float, i know.
    - i'd like people to give their thought on item placement and pickup balance. there are quite a few in the game, mainly because i like 'm.

    So, about the map. I totally did not build this map according to the general rules (ie first alpha, try out gameplay etc.). I just started
    building and saw what came out of it. of course I had a plan, and it turned ot pretty much what i expected. The building styles is
    human vs necris. With the middle meeting somewhere up between the 2 of them. Architecture is not my forte, as I am a starting mapper,
    but i did my best :P It looks pretty decent imho.
    Gameplay then. I like war. or, WAR-, anyway. So I've tried to entangle the assault and onslaught as much as possible. Thing is, without
    assaulting, you probably will not make a succcesful onslaught attack. But once the assault has worked, you will gain a huge advantage.
    Not only that, but there are 2 ways of assaulting, defensive, and offensive. I've also let the orb just at the base. I think it's more
    balanced that way.

    Now then, for the gameplay explanation:
    standard is of course the onslaught. Connect nodes (through the choke point) to the other base. One prime node is well defended,
    the other is pretty much out in the open. Allowing you to always concentrate on the node at hand, and still keep control over the
    total battlefield by attacking the choke node. The extra nodes control the bridges. The key is to get your tank to the other side, onto
    the pressure pad, so that the shields that form beneath you in the enemy base no longer function. This deprives the enemy of weaponry
    and time-effectiveness. And their base is more easily attackeable. Also don't forget to blow up the barricade. Each extra node
    controls 1 bridge. You'll have to control them at the appropriate time. If you control both, you shield the choke node
    from long range damage. A huge advantage, obviously. Well, that's about it. There's always some area of the map that needs critical
    attention. This map needs teamwork.

    The story: meh,the map description goes as following: The eye of a storm is the most frightening part. However, on Aether
    the Necris are the more likely cause of death. For years the seas of Aether were mined by both the Axon and the Necris. Until now. A
    well planned offensive was, however unlikely launched at the same time for total dominance of this patch of rich soil. In fact it was
    a setup by Axon spies to create a diversion from the real war. This land is a key resource point, and needs to be controlled. Get to it.

    Below are the screenshots.

    The download link, then:

    And finally, I hope you enjoy it, and any criticism is useful. be it good or bad, as long as you stay nice, it is my first map after all.

    PS: I will not be making a PS3 cook for the beta. I will for the final version, but not for the beta. I hope you'll forgive me, but that's a bit much unnecesairy trouble.

    I tried running the map twice but it never progressed past the loading screen. Just me?


      i think so, other could run it...


        It eventually loaded for me, but the ambient general lighting appeared to be missing (all the terrain and outdoor areas were pitch black), so something didn't load right


          I got past loading alright, but framerates were abysmal, typically in the 20s, and sometimes lower ... whereas most maps, even WAR, never hit lower than 40-50 for me. Definitely in need of some optimisation.

          Neat looking map though; seems like a playable layout and there was definitely a lot of cool stuff and unique ideas.

          (Also, use the [shot] tag on your screenshots in the original post please.)