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Neverwinter Nights 2 Models [Update: 24.03.2008][PC][PS3]

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    Neverwinter Nights 2 Models [Update: 24.03.2008][PC][PS3]

    1. Name: Neverwinter Nights 2 Models

    2. Version: Read lower

    3. Compatibility: 1.2 Patch

    4. Description:

    5. Comments: None

    6. Screenshots:

    Head Pack:


    7. Credits: Myself and Obsidian Ent for the content.

    8. Homepage: None

    9. Download:
    Download PC:
    Head Pack RC2 (20.02.2008):
    (also includes an outdated Erinyes head; if you plan on using the full one make sure you delete the old version)

    Erinyes v1.1 (02.03.2008):

    Download PS3:
    Head Pack RC2 (24.03.2008):

    Erinyes v1.1 (24.03.2008):

    Previous versions screens:


      Woah, that Ammon looks great in Iron Guard armor

      I'm gonna download them right now, I'll give you some more feedback later

      BTW: Have you considered importing body meshes too? It would rock having a good dwarves team


        I try to open zip 3 times but still didnt working

        I cant copy and past to my UT3
        is this first time for me
        is this problem for only me ??
        I really want to try this nice model pack
        I think this Zip is no good
        could you please try make other zip and upload again ?


          Just like Buffy, I can't extract, says "unknown method in CustomChars\filename"


            Originally posted by Malachor View Post
            Just like Buffy, I can't extract, says "unknown method in CustomChars\filename"
            Sorry guys... probably because I used 7zip to archive the file... will reupload them in a jiffy

            Edit: Try it now and if that doesn't work try 7zip


              Checked, the problem was with the 7zip

              (Testing now )


                finally got model pack !

                for me "lich" is best !


                  They look great ingame Succubus head looks a bit oversized, but that's the only problem I found

                  My favourite one is Ammonn ^^


                    Wow Buffy they look much better in your screens


                      Guess what's cooking in the oven


                        I've decided I'm going to release each character separately.
                        "Erinyes" released - see first post!


                          Originally posted by BuSyMan View Post
                          Guess what's cooking in the oven

                          Lmao, hawt XD

                          ~Death Dream~


                            PS: She doesn't look quick-silvery anymore... will post some updated screens ... soon she will get her wings (literally)


                              amon, lich and erynes looks pretty nice... in the other hand i dont like scubbus...

                              i will download it tomorrow, but... what does it mean that it says compatibilty : patch 1.1? can be used in patch 1.2?