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    Originally posted by NachoKaoS View Post

    sorry now works....whith this one....


      i try the link and works perfectly...


        Originally posted by XxOOLAxX View Post
        Thanks Nacho and sorry guys! We didn't want to create a fight. However, we just thought about our PS3 users because... normally the PC guys forget about us too

        Please, feel free to try and tell us what do you think. We found out something too weird that maybe someone can explain to us.

        The PS3 version reduced the quality of the map effects, for example, the fire and lights. Any idea why, when we cook it for PS3, we loose that much?

        Thanks and enjoy! we really think is quite faun, fast and crazy!
        The PS3 does not have the memory the PC has for the game so certain things are going to get reduced automatically. You have to remember that on the PC the game needs as much a 1 GB of dedicated RAM. Probably some difference in the code as well that makes this happen but definitely its closely tied to the memory or lack of massive amounts of memory on the PS3. Lots of people have 2GBs or more in their PCs for this game.

        And don't feel bad that you looked out for you segment of the community ... as I said there is sooo much content we PC UTers have that you don't for anyone to really complain about your choice is just plain nonsensical imo.


          how do i download i dont know how to use megaupload it just tells me wat i want but doesnt say where to click

          nvm im an idiot lol got it


            hola AnubanUT2

            thanks for the explanation, make sense

            And yes, as a PS3 girl, I have to fight for my guys I have to admit that I didn't even think about the PC version, sorry

            However, fights only on UT3

            Did u try it? is hard to play together because we are in Spanish time but... feel free to add us. We are always really late playing and it would be a pleasure to see more PS3 guys on the ground


              guys add me on psn n maybe we could play a match sometime...names in sig


                Originally posted by AnubanUT2 View Post
                Do you realize how hypocritical this sounds? Do you know how many times PC gamers have told the PS3 community they need to learn to map for themselves and stop asking for PC maps to be cooked and just get the PC version and they can create PS3 only maps ... now that someone actually does just that to make the playing field a bit more level he gets this **** ... sorry man we are cool and all but on this you are just wrong. Do you realize how many levels there are that only run on the PC ... heck the HOLP pack alone has a lot of maps that are all great and yet the PS3 users don't have one of those. They don't have many CTF and VCTF maps ... they don't have the larger and more complex DM levels like Night in the Park-XL. So let them have this for themselves without making a big deal about it ... man you really must not know how what you are saying sounds like ...
                There are plenty of supposed reasons, which I don't want to get into here, not to cook a map for ps3. Some of these are technical, and others a bit more ideological. You'll know from BU and other sites. I personally don't agree with any of those reasons-- depriving part of the community will never make anything better. And that's why I think no map should go "ps3-exclusive"; because no map should be "pc-exclusive" either, and if ps3 mappers start making ps3-exclusives, it removes the moral-deficiency (imho) of those refusing to cook for ps3. It makes it okay, and then more may decide to do it-- hurting both sides of the community.

                But sorry, back on topic. DLing this map now and I'll post feedback as soon as I get the chance. I'll even play it with a gamepad in honor of the ps3-creators =)


                  ^^^ that is cool man ... we are cool so on this topic we can just agree to disagree and move on like two mature adults ... no one is right or wrong we just have differing opinions and view points and that is fine.


                    hello somebody allready check the map...?we know then its a simple map compare with others but we thot then its more playable then anothers as well...we realy take care of your comments about the map to make a final realease...

                    and i dont mind about cook for PC or not i do de maps to play with the PS3 but iam goin to cook for PC all the future well

                    PD:sorry for my english...


                      Well as for the map. Personally I think its too tight. The hallways are real long and narrow and feel cramped and for me it just kind of kills the flow.