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Blender 2.49b Plugin Export PSK/PSA v0.0.19

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    You have to do in face mode. Face is set to Boolean for smoothing. Edges doesn't work.

    Although I did some testing how face and smoothing work. It different from how it work. Only the face smoothing works.


    If you can't get it to work I have to rework it. Might have to show video on how it deal with it.


      Hey Darknet. I know I've been nagging you to include smoothing groups support to the plugin, but now Im wondering if there's a way to disable this.

      Here's my problem: after importing a model into UDK I've noticed that smoothing groups are based on the model's UV groups.

      So let's say I have a cylindrical shape and I add a seam to unwrapp it, when the model is imported into UDK the smoothing groups will be cut along that UV seam.

      Here's a picture of a model I've been working on, if you look at the wrist there's a clear cut, that's where a UV seam is:

      I'll post a better picture later if you want to, but Im wondering if there's a way to prevent this. In Blender the model is just one entire mesh with no cuts or smoothing groups. I need it to look like that in UDK as well.



        It base on face polygon. It what ever the face is smooth or not. Not in edges.


          Originally posted by darknet View Post
          It base on face polygon. It what ever the face is smooth or not. Not in edges.
          That makes no sense, they are just random words in a sentence.
          And not only you make no sense, but you are not telling me how to solve this issue.

          The plugin is splitting the smoothing groups were a UV seam is. That's a fact.
          It ignores whatever smoothing groups I setup in Blender, removes double edges and then split them along UV seams.

          Nevermind though, I'll just deal with it and use 3D Max in my next project.


            Sorry about that. I not good at explaining things. It doesn't export all the mesh data for detail smoothing. It just base on Boolean smoothing just for face mode polygon.

            -mesh data
            --loop faces
            ---face.smoothing <- true or false



              [ Rebuild Armature and Mesh Tool ]
              It is still work in progress build.
              This script tool. It under export section.
              This deal with rebuild object for mesh and armature only selected object.
              It will rebuild the armature object. <-Button
              It will rebuild the mesh. But it doesn't support material, uv, and smoothing yet. <-Button
              It will select smooth faces that is current selected. <-Button

              This will help you skeleton mesh being deform for some odd reason when import to unreal editor. Note you need to repaint paint your weights for your skeleton mesh. It help clean the mesh and armature from deforming.

              I done some few test on the script dealing with deforming issues. Manage to get around working on this script. It does rebuild every thing from scrape to deal with raw data build. The mesh data build is not yet finish. I haven't tested the animation yet. It does match the animations as long it copy bones correctly.