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Blender 2.49b Plugin Export PSK/PSA v0.0.19

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    Blender 2.49b Plugin Export PSK/PSA v0.0.19

    I update the Blender export psk/psa script that work. I am release the stable blender export script, so other blender mod can start working.

    PSK = Skeleton Mesh (Pass)
    PSA = Animation Set (Pass) - Note, it is in unreal bone format so check out the vehicles, weapons, and characters have different format for the rotation and the position.

    I add on or made changes from their script.

    Read Me First Blender 2.45 -2.49b:
    Get the current Blender version to support plug-in script export. Learning blender first is need before you start exporting your psa and psk files. There is a video tutorials lesson on blender site.

    Information About this Plug-in for Blender Export:
    The Armature bone are working for PSK and PSA. The bone are base on the head bone position when exported to psk. Credits to the people are in the readme.txt file. List of credits and changes log are in there.

    Animation (Action Editor) > (Animation Set):
    The Animations are working from different bones rotation when the amature is build. The Mesh and Armature must center the pivot point together else you will get some offset when the animation is export.

    Sample Files:
    http://unrealtacticalmod.googlecode....trunk/Blender/ (Blender Files Folder)
    -anim_body_test.blend (Working Animation) (All same Bone rotations direction)
    -anim_body_test2.blend (Working Animation) (Different bone rotations)

    Script path(if default set from install):
    -window xp
    ..\Documents and Settings\user%\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts

    Here the Blender Export for psk/psa: [update 2011.02.22]
    -if you having problem with the smoothing groups use the 0.0.16 version.

    [ = This version is 0.0.19 = ][ Stable Version ][ Required Blender 2.45 - 2.49b]
    http://unrealtacticalmod.googlecode....rt_psk_psa.rar [DOWNLOAD]
    -Added Selected Meshes that must match the armature and to link as well to be export as one mesh. Note it use the blender functions to able to copy, join, and triangle functions. That will link and unlink from the scene to be get it working. Mean there extra meshes just for tmp build.

    -Update by:moyah
    This script improve smoothing groups. Note there mesh functions and operations to make it work.

    Post Relation to this link:

    [ = This version is 0.0.16 = ][ Stable Version ][ Required Blender 2.45 - 2.49b] [Download]
    http://unrealtacticalmod.googlecode....rt_psk_psa.rar [Download 2]
    -Added Smoothing Group (For some reason it wasn't added in.)

    [ Rebuild Armature and Mesh Tool ][2011.04.13] It is still work in progress build. [DOWNLOAD]
    This script tool. It under export section.
    This deal with rebuild object for mesh and armature only selected object.
    It will rebuild the armature object. <-Button
    It will rebuild the mesh. But it doesn't support material, uv, and smoothing yet. <-Button
    It will select smooth faces that is current selected. <-Button

    This will help you skeleton mesh being deform for some odd reason when import to unreal editor. Note you need to repaint paint your weights for your skeleton mesh. It help clean the mesh and armature from deforming.

    Python 2.6.2 - 2.6.4

    - Convert Triangular Mesh When Export.
    - Scale and Rotation object mode for matrix code (On Hold)

    --Mirror bones copy function tends to break, you need to clone.

    What to do before your export.
    -Do not scale or rotate them in object mode.
    -Center your armature and mesh object to deal with the pivot point.
    -Do not scale the bones in edit or pose mode that is not yet work.
    --Note if know how scale your mesh or bone (not the pose) in edit mode it might work. Not the object mode. Did couple of test on my blender files. Need to work on the matrix. Once I get the code working. Use the pivot > 3D cursor to scale them to size. But the cursor have to be center to do that. [Shift + C] to center your cursor. To match the bones and the mesh frame. You can rotate it in edit mode. Be sure you test it.
    -Make sure you have two or more bones else it will crash on you.

    Video: [skeleton mesh quick rig] [scaling mesh and bone]

    What I have tested?
    -Vehicle Builds(working)
    -Weapon Builds (working)
    -Character builds: (On Hold) Main Bone rotation need to be fixed for it to work.

    Blender IKs constraints:
    For those who want to get the IKs working. When you setting up your iks. Do the basic animations. When your finish your IKs. You need to make your armature bones pose have set keys. Meaning the bones must have pose animation in them. Since they will only export armature bones and the other objects are ignore.

    Here one of my example.
    -Empty object for constraints for animation
    -Armature Object -Mannal set pose key bind animation

    [Blender Import PSK/PSA 2.49:][2012.04.07]
    - This is not my work but it work well and tested it work good. Although it needed to be convert in script file to make it easier to get import work well.
    - Just found it while ago from my YouTube video post.

    Video about the iks:

    Blender 2.5X has be move to this post:

    There are video demo to the link here and Main Tutorial: <- Main Tutorial

    PM me if you need help or found any error for export script.

    Any feed back would be nice. ^^)>

    Didn't try it but I must say you're just great. The support for 100% free softwares is the best thing that shall be done for the community IMO. GJ and congratulations, I hope you're going to develop it!

    I probably will try it when I can find some free time.


      Thanks ^^. Working hard to fix the problem that take a while to fix it.


        I can export to UT3, but still get 5 Chunks and 5 Sections like before. It should be one Chunk and one Section. I am exporting a single mesh with bones weighted to vertex groups.


          I only update the main bone issues. I don’t know how that part error but I am testing the script from the old and the new script for export psk. I can look for error in your file if you want but I don’t know how your setup your files in blender. Doing a lot test takes time to fix the script a bit.


            I put this in my scripts folder, but I still can't export PSK/PSA

            Doesn't look like it works....


              Are you using window? Does it give error? It should be in "~\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts" Be sure you parent the bone and the mesh and you have put all the weight else it will not work.


                No, that is where the script was put.

                I just am not seeing a PSK or PSA export option anywhere in the program.

                There's no error, it just doesn't seem to do anything at all on my end.

                EDIT: now it is working. I had to delete it, restart my PC, then put it back in the folder an restart Blender.

                It works, but now I get an error saying that there is a "non-triangular face," but I double and triple checked. All of the faces are triangular. *confused*


                  Well, now I get this error out of the blue, dunno why it changed.

                  ----- parsing animation -----
                  Exception during Animation Parse
                  Traceback (most recent call last):
                    File "<string>", line 1197, in fs_callback
                    File "<string>", line 997, in parse_animation
                  ValueError: min() arg is an empty sequence
                  Is this an error in my file. and if so what is the error and how do I fix it?


                    I want only to say thank you for changing the script because I do work with Blender and UT3 and I had really problems to export an animation from blender to the editor. I hope you will manage it soon that it is able to export more than on material.

                    Great work!


                      Originally posted by ShadeMistress View Post
                      Well, now I get this error out of the blue, dunno why it changed.

                      ----- parsing animation -----
                      Exception during Animation Parse
                      Traceback (most recent call last):
                        File "<string>", line 1197, in fs_callback
                        File "<string>", line 997, in parse_animation
                      ValueError: min() arg is an empty sequence
                      Is this an error in my file. and if so what is the error and how do I fix it?
                      If your getting this error because your not using the action editor or not setting it up right:
                      Please note do not use bake that all ready to export your action else you will have the same action twice.
                      Do not use armature modifier just use the default armature. This just to know that setup of the action editor. Just ignore the ipo curve edtitor panel that I think that the main scene.
                      Here the link to the page. You must use bone pose.
                      --link remove--


                        You should bump every time you add a new release ^^

                        Thanks for the time you used to create a tutorial vid! It will be helpful, although it's difficult to read the characters because of the low resolution (thus it is not easy to follow your actions)

                        I can't wait for the multiple-materials support too!

                        GJ and thanks again


                          Sorry I was new at the video tutorial and I keep on forgeting so I trying to work on it. Updating the site and video takes a lot of time that I am new at this stuff. Every time I update I will try to add the blender files when I am doing a new lesson. There are lot of trouble shooting for blender export script. This is multiple-materials support in there just have to look around a bit. There are image information on my wiki page if the low image video it the same one about the same topic.

                          Trying to do this with some free stuff work on a bit.


                            @Darknet, great work your doing, i do suggest recording the video at a higher res (camstudio) and use virtualdub to edit it (xvid), if you need hosting use its free and unlimited size


                              Well that would help a lot to do my video edit just getting around the some program to not let my export video crash on me. I use the camstudio but i was having trouble editing when it was exporting my final video when it crash. There were two program give error that doesn't support it.