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"Sentinel" Automatic Cannon [Pics] [Beta11] [Updated]

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    "Sentinel" Automatic Cannon [Pics] [Beta11] [Updated]

    Name: Sentinel

    Version: 1.0 beta 11

    Compatibility: UT3 1.3+ (It should work with earlier versions, but I didn't test it.)

    Description: An automatic cannon.

    Comments: Beta 11 adds Warby's custom model for the Multi-Mortar and fixes some bugs.

    If you like this mutator, you will probably also want:

    Haven't got eyes in the back of your head? You have now! A Sentinel will keep the pesky red team away from your precious tank.

    Tree huggers.


    Download: No longer available. Get the final version instead!

    looks awesome, read your topic in the general forum about it and it seems really interesting. Can't wait to try it.

    Since there aren't any custom models are you willing to attempt to cook this for the PS3 or is this a strictly PC only beta?


      Holy **** 6 sents on a walker XD


        Mr Evil you made it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        thank you thank you thank you !!!
        I know you make for UT3
        I was waiting for this !!!
        Im so Happy to have it
        maybe next version have Redeemer sentinel too ?

        took some more screenshot


          Huh, your extraction setup is a bit different than my folder setup
          Ex: Localization/Script/Sentinel all go right under Published in the zip yet mine has Localization under UTGame and Script is under Published/CookedPC/

          Some thoughts after playing
          1. Holy **** the RocketLauncher is nasty. Tho maybe a little too nasty, even a partial blast of rockets can knock a Bender on it's side
          2. Something should be added to the ReadMe about ReplacementPercentage(I was originally gonna post that it doesn't replace all the HealthVials before I double checked the config)
          3. I was unable to configure the mut ingame, had to tweak the Ini
          4. Once you apply Molecular Shields to a ground Sent, you have to enter the shield to tweak it further
          5. When the gun barrel comes into contact with you while tweaking a ground Sent your view gets bounced up and down until the barrel passes

          Random thoughts
          1. Not sure which would be better, leaving Small/Medium/Large in the message or an ammo count (ex: +10, +30, +100)
          2. Pickups look kewl. Really liking the deployment method too
          3. Maybe configureable ammo cost for deploying a Sent?
          4. Some kind of "Spy Sentinel". Has no weapons, just really good sensors, a small profile and plenty of armor. All it's good for is sending enemy data to networked sentinels on your team


            Ya I got it to work! Pushed from the server just fine but for a dedicated server using -nohomedir I had to install the .u and the .upk in C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)\UTGame\CookedPC\Script folder and also had to place .u and .upk files in C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)\UTGame\CookedPC folder then I had to put the .int in C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)\UTGame\Localization\INT folder then put the .ini in C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)\UTGame\Config folder.

            I got shader error in the boot if I did not have the .u and .upk in CookedPC

            Anyway it pushed and ill tinker around with the settings because by default its hard to gain enough peices to deploy before getting killed. Then you lose the peices if you get killed so ill mess with the ini to see.

            Its cool though It will be a winner!


              I've got it to appear in the mutator list, but I can't configure it, and I don't get the spawner ingame.


                Thanks MrEvil!!!
                This was my favorite mutator for UT2004. I am very pleased that you have recreated it for UT3.
                I had to respond before I played it as I was so excited.
                You have done some great things for the community and we appreciate.
                Thanks again.


                  Some pics for you guys that I forgot about earlier

                  Thought a Manta was nasty before?

                  How about now ?


                    great creation

                    added this to the UT3T Server for download and auto install


                      Very cool! Looks like a lot of fun


                        Not working for me.
                        I started both Sentinel mutators and each on their own.
                        I don't start with a Sentinel launcher nor do have a pickup to launch it.
                        What am I doing wrong?
                        ( I am running 1.2 beta 4)

                        I think the ZIP file may be zipped with the incorrect directory structure.
                        I follow the install directions and it seemed a directory was missed (I have CookedPC then Published, You don't have CookedPC).

                        I moved the directories/files and it is running fine.


                          PS3 anyone?


                            Originally posted by BananaXtreme View Post
                            PS3 anyone?
                            I 2nd that however ingame config menus wont work on ps3 niether do custom sounds, untill Epic gets working on that ps3 patch we need so badly.


                              It would be nice if the Sentinel weapon icon at the bottom of the screen showed a numeric value also, or in place of the status bar. It would make it easier to read when the icon is not selected.
                              THIS IS WAY TOO MUCH FUN.