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"Sentinel" Automatic Cannon [Pics] [Beta11] [Updated]

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    Originally posted by big__smil View Post
    nice!!! can ya pm me how ya made it? cuz i don't understand the ut3 ed for pc
    <.< look at the source, it's rather easy once you know what the functions do...orso.


      Since everyone wants to see it, and the editor is worse at exporting than I had anticipated, here's the UScript source for beta2:
      Please note that the API is likely to change in future versions.


        Originally posted by Mr Evil
        So you get those errors when you try to replace health vials, or do they happen at any other time too?

        actually I replaced the ini with the stock one and re started the server and again got the same errors, so it is not necessarily because of what I had thought. I have given up for the moment because I just don't have the time to try to figure it out atm. I might get a chance to have a wack at it this weekend, It seems to be revolving around the crates though and when I spawn in I have the sent deployer but the ammo doesn't spawn. This could very well be a gameservers issue I am not sure because it would take me sometimes up to a few hours to figure out if it is them, me, or the game. I might also try the prior build one time to see if it is relative to a specific build also..

        on another note.. I hate to be barkin at ya like the rest fo the guys but have you considered spawning the crates seperately from the pickups? similar to how mm relics are spawned. RC had done that later on in 2k4 with his updates to your sents and it worked pretty good... just wonderin is all..

        thanks man..
        dave / block


          Originally posted by Mr Evil View Post
          Since everyone wants to see it, and the editor is worse at exporting than I had anticipated, here's the UScript source for beta2:
          Please note that the API is likely to change in future versions.
          now THAT is something...i can see the differences right on spot while just checking just one single script file...thanks alot, Mr.Evil


            If you do decide to cook it for PS3, just have it so you can change mode with alt fire. That way you can at least get 2 turrets...
            As for the custom sound, not bothered about it, leave it out or use sound files that are already part of the game.


              Thanks, Mr.Evil, now the turret head cloaks with the rest of the model =)

              Seriously, why does the game extract all script files with missing entries or entries that can't be used to compile? <.< sure, to avoid people to rip stuff, but hell, i can't even make a subclass if they don't show me how the superclass was made


                So, any updates Mr. Evil?


                  I hope new version coming soon

                  with more fun sentinels ...
                  also hope you win for this too


                    Course we hope Evil wins.

                    So, any updates?


                      Nothing new right now.


                        Sorry... But i test this mod and...

                        Great idea, bad make...

                        The problems:
                        * You need to take 10 or 15 Small Box to make a single (very easy to destroy) Turret.
                        * You CANT modify the Ammo at start.
                        * You CANT configure some important things in the mod.

                        * You can build AT START one Turrent, and need to take ammo to upgrades.
                        * Downgrade all the ammo req for upgrades, because is TOO HARD to find ammo.
                        * You CAN modify all things in the config file, Ammo per crate, Health of Turrets.

                        All the pics you can see in this forum is make by Cheaters, using a UNLIMITED AMMO for Turrets, because you can test it, UNABLE TO MAKE THESE IMAGES USING NORMAL GAME!, ONLY IF YOU USE CHEATS!

                        This mod is a good idea, but need to make more easy to make turrets.

                        Sorry about this post, i need to tell to the people the TRUE about this MOD.


                          Wrong, you can change the amount of ammo that can be picked up. Read the readme!
                          If you played this mutator much, you would realize if everyone started with enough ammo to create and fortify Sentinels, the game can go over the top. Creating Sentinels must be "earned". Fortifying them throughout the game adds a level of strategy that isn't otherwise offered in UT3.
                          This is one of the best mutators for UT3 period.
                          This mutator goes back to UT2003/04. It was one of the most popular mutators then and remains now.
                          Did you know this mutstor was a finalist for the phase 1 MSU contest?
                          Maybe you should create your own mutator or at least offer something constructive and understandable.
                          Forum's are great avenues to share options. Unfortunately, trash like this comes along also.
                          Sorry for the rant. I don't want uninformed opinions like the above to influence anyone from downloading this great mutator.


                            Kick ***

                            Don't mess with me or you gonna get horns


                              Released a new beta version (3). Here's a list of changes:
                              * Imported a fixed-width font so that columns in the "status" area of the upgrade menu line up.
                              * Fixed Nightshade Sentinels continuing to exist after Nightshade destroyed.
                              * Changed amount of ammo returned when recycling a Sentinel to include a fraction of the value of applied upgrades.
                              * Removed initial spawn delay for medium/large ammo pickups.
                              * Added feature to spawn ammo from destroyed vehicles (only if vehicle has been occupied at some point and was destroyed by the enemy team).
                              * Fixed sabotage being able to destroy upgrades which are prerequisites for other applied upgrades.
                              * Added new weapon: Minigun
                              In addition to removing the spawn delay for larger ammo pickups, I also added some extra logging that might help catch the problem of ammo not spawning sometimes. If you have any problems with pickups not being replaced, look in your Launch.log for lines containing "Failed to replace" and post them, along with what map it happened on and any other information that might be useful.

                              Warby is currently working on custom models, so hopefully the next release will have some of those instead of the current mish-mash of placeholders.


                                yayyyyyyyyyy thank you for update !

                                I always checking Sentinel Thread