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    Originally posted by Mr Evil View Post
    I didn't know you'd done something like this before. I never liked Q3, but I missed out there.
    Well, i never released it but to my closest friends (didn't have internet back then) and it wasn't THAT awesome (well, for me atleast, other people almost fainted when they saw what happened on screen XD)

    Originally posted by Mr Evil View Post
    You shouldn't need to recompile my stuff. Put the already compiled packages in your unpublished directory structure and put your weapon in its own package.
    Ahhhh...that could be it...gonna try it out right away...

    Originally Posted by MasterB View Post
    This is probably a stupid question but….
    When I upgrade to a rocket launcher, what shoots out is not a rocket, it’s more electric looking.
    Is that planned?

    Mr Evil,
    Could you respond to this? It seems odd to me.
    It was answered before. The Rocketlauncher weapon upgrade is not a normal rocket launcher, but based on Mr.Evil's weapons for UT2k4.
    So the rocket launcher is in fact the PepperPot.
    It fires 9 missiles at once, which either home in (in UT3, only on vehicles, since sentinels wont shoot guiding-darts at players) or straight-out unguided projectiles.

    EDIT: WOOT, got the weapon working now...time to check out the possibilities and improve my projectile effect.


      Originally posted by MasterB View Post
      Mr Evil,
      Could you respond to this? It seems odd to me.
      Does it look like this?
      The rockets have a thick trail, and I suppose it does look rather like lightning when they start zig-zagging around. I tried to make the corners of the trail curve smoothly, but it's hard because you can't preview trail emitters in the editor.


        Do you still have to pickup 11 ammo boxes before you can deploy a turret?


          Bump for justice & bump for info!


            Okay, time since i last posted, i made some (huge) progress on my custom weapon head, the Sonic Emitter. Any of the slower ground vehicles is a easy pray to the weapon, while fast moving ground or air vehicles are almost impossible to get unless the turret has enough time to prepare a well-aimed shot (i included a "detector" no-combat sentry weapon to create a big detection field that the other turrets can take benefit from).
            Any infrantry getting close to the sonic field gets their flesh ripped from their bones (except robots <.<), and all but the most heavy vehicles will get smashed by the powerful projectile.

            Current steps before a beta would be:
            *Sonic Emitter - Turret should ignore Air Targets, because it can't hit them anyway
            *Projectile should act as if crawling over the ground, rather than flying
            *Need new head mesh (using MOG)
            *Need to work on the particle effect
            *Need to add sounds

            Some trouble came with it, too

            First issue is for Mr.Evil: The custom headmodel doesn't cloak with the rest of the mesh, even if it uses the same code as the MOG, but not making it a archclass.

            Second issue is about the particles (figured out how to make effects, on my own, as usual XD) ...sometimes i see ALL particles, sometimes only half of them (there's lots of big particles around the mesh effect, to recreate the CnC III style look)
            Guess i'll have to tone down the amount of particles and remove those you can't see anyway.

            Some new feedback:
            *Bots detect invisible turrets even if they don't do anything but wait for enemies to enter firing range. My "Detector" head never attacks, yet is constantly harassed by enemy fire...had to include a health-regeneration bonus into his script so it would not be blown apart constantly.
            Making the Threat script of the turret base dynamic would help.
            *Turrets linked to each other sometimes don't notice the enemy who stands behind their backside, even if the enemy is in visual range of another turret of the group :O

            Hmmmm...i could have posted this in a new topic, but it's not worth it until i really got something done.


              Originally posted by ScorpDK View Post
              ...The custom headmodel doesn't cloak with the rest of the mesh, even if it uses the same code as the MOG, but not making it a archclass...
              A few things could be going wrong:

              Remove the 'Name' and 'ObjectArchetype' default properties. The editor adds them to exported scripts just to confuse us.

              Does your class have a unique name? Although it is possible to have multiple classes with the same name if they are in different packages, it's best not to.

              Did you alter the default WeaponMaterial? The cloak depends on the material having a parameter called 'Visibility' in order to work. To make a new material that will work like the existing ones, create a MaterialInterfaceConstant in the editor and set its parent to Sentinel_Resources.Materials.Sentinel.MI_Sentinel, then change its TextureParameterValues to whatever you want. 'Spawn' and 'Dead' materials can be created the same way, since they also depend on having specifically named parameters.

              Note that weapons will use skeletal meshes in the final version, I'm only using static meshes now as placeholders.

              I'll put those other two issues in the list of bugs.


                well, i didn't modify anything from the exported code besides removing any __default__ entries (like the archtype and name, some cylinders which gave errors, and whatnot), the rest is all the same...i have, however, noticed that all exported scripts lack sound referrers and, well, i suppose the same happened to the material referrers.


                  Just an other note about the Sonic Emitter weapon. It goes through multiple targets in a row.


                    Originally posted by Miko View Post
                    Just an other note about the Sonic Emitter weapon. It goes through multiple targets in a row.
                    It does ingame aswell...but sometimes a heavy vehicle that moves too close to the turret is blocking the projectile...need to fix that issue XD




                        Originally posted by †TYRANICK†™ View Post
                        Nothing worth posting about. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about it or anything like that.


                          is possible to make flying sentinel for UT3?

                          like Probe droid in Star Wars ... ?
                          if can then very cool but ...
                          they flying around base and when enemy is coming start shooting !
                          and chase to kill enemys
                          kind of same like monster guard mutator for UT2004


                            best possible example would be the Scavenger Orb, it could be easily coded to fly around the player rather than a vehicle, and attack nearby players by itself, rather than having to aim at them first (which means, it will scout for possible targets itself).

                            EDIT: But that would emulate the remotes, and not the probes (i misread what you said and didn't check the picture)

                            Flying-around Sentinels would be only useful in small areas, as with bigger maps, you could lure the enemy sentinel away and then it would be rendered useless, with no way to blow it up.


                              This mod has so much potential. I'm giving it a slight bump


                                I fund best model for flying Sentinel !!!

                                MrEvil can you please make this monster for as Sentinel too ?
                                looks really nice in game it flying monster but looks best for flying sentinel too there is 2 models
                                it in new version of Galtanor's Invasion