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"Sentinel" Automatic Cannon [Pics] [Beta11] [Updated]

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    So im sitting here in the Leviathan and two things occured to me.

    Each turret has a different weapon model, so i thought id bring it to your attention if you need turret weapon models and wanted to keep within game content.

    and Secondly, the alt fire on the Pilotable Levi turrets is a Mini Palidin Shield

    That disapates after either being on too long or taking to much damage.

    It would make for a awsome secondary Shield addon to the sentry.


    In addition each turret on the levi has a different weapon, Two of which were not in ut2k4
    these could be new additions to the ut3 version of your mutator if you so desired

    the two of which were not in 2k4
    turret seat 2 has a low accuracy Gattling gun Shock Rifle
    turret seat 3 has a high velocity Salvo rocket launcher


      yeees! I almost forgot about sentinel! It was one of my all time fav mutators for ut2kX


        Beta 2 is now available; see the first post for the download. Here's a change log:
        • Added confirmation dialogue to RECYCLE button in upgrade menu.
        • Added ability to upgrade your team's Sentinels.
        • Added LOCK/UNLOCK button to upgrade menu to control team upgrading for your Sentinels.
        • Added MaxTeamCannon and MaxTeamAdvantageCannon options.
        • Saboteurs now get some ammo
        • Players killed while holding the Deployer now drop some of their ammo.
        • Made Shield and Cloak upgrades mutually exclusive.
        • Fixed upgrade menu description scrolling problem.
        • Fixed Sentinels being removed from team when they died (broke team balancing).
        • Fixed Sentinels travelling between levels (broke team balancing).
        • Fixed possible issue with upgrade menu refusing to open for older Sentinels in network games.


          yay V2 is out !

          thank you for update !


            I wonder if there's an easy way to make enemy bots not see a cloaked ceiling Sent
            Set one up as a lookout at the enemy for 2 others on Suspsense, bot just jumped in the tank on the opposite side of his base and hammered it to oblivion


              gotta download it now (currently at work =D) because at home i have difficulties with the ISP, 3 days in which i could download a total of 300 MB... ... ... wow.
              Anyway, i'll make sure to test it thoroughly and give you my feedback =)


                Well is there anyway to set in the config to set the number of ammo boxes you need to deploy a turret.

                It took 11 ammo boxes just to deploy 1 turret. WOW I spent more time looking for ammo boxes then play'n the game. I want to be able to play the game too lol, but I dont like the Idea of spending most of my time in the game getting 11 ammo boxes just to deploy 1 turret

                So if that can be done where the Admin can select the number of ammo needed to deploy a turret then Ill run it on my server. But 11 ammo boxes is way to many just to deploy 1 turret for me to install your mutator on my server. I hope you can put that fix in cuz I do like your mutator.



                  Mr Evil does it again!

                  I'm gonna wait for the final. I know from the UT2k versions that the quality will be good.


                    I'm not sure if I'm the only one getting this, but after playing with the mod for a while (and yes, only happens with this mod) my UT3 just closes down with lightning speed and I'm at my desktop...

                    I also couldn't install any sentinels on my Goliath on Suspense.

                    But.. Awesome mod.


                      Wow cool! Hehe I love the turret its very good, reminds me of the 1 striaght from ut04 =]. Does this replace the redeemer?

                      Some suggestions for next version (besides custom models heh)

                      -More weapon upgrades!

                      For example it would be cool if, like u know on the ut04 "weapon editor" you could make for example...and enforcer fire redeemer warheads lol, maybe you could add this kind of system to your turret to allow us to upgrade the sentinals with whatever custom weapon we download! For example the freezeray, or upgrade with a ripper gun etc, just some kind of interface to allow us to add our own new weapons, at a cost of coarse =]

                      Could be some kind of upgrade you'd have to pay like...100 or however much each time to access the ability to add a new weapon from custom weapons you've installed etc.

                      Hopefully that isnt impossible to do, as it would be very cool and save us having to replace weapons with the weapon replacer wen download new 1's

                      -Ability to move turrets?

                      Either a simple pickup and move option or some kinda upgrade to make it redeployable etc.

                      -Self healing nanides

                      Lol some kind of autorepair ability?

                      Well thats all I got so far, this is really cool, and its so very fun sticking these things onto vehicles and stuff, will go soooo well with invasion


                        This is probably a stupid question but….
                        When I upgrade to a rocket launcher, what shoots out is not a rocket, it’s more electric looking.
                        Is that planned?


                          Originally posted by †TYRANICK†™ View Post
                          -Self healing nanides

                          Lol some kind of autorepair ability?
                          Someone made an autorepair upgrade for the 2k4 variant. Repairs pulled out of your ammo no matter where you were on the map
                          Would make an interesting addition

                          B, those are mini-rockets loosely based on the PepperPot weapon Evil made for 2k4


                            I made a thread about anyone making a CNC3 Sonic Emitter type weapon but would it be a suitable weapon for the sent gun or is the MOG enough for that type of weapon. That and CNC3 gave me the idea of making a Flak turret or shrapnel turret that shoots non bouncing flak at targets and is intended for killing infantry. Like a Metal storm type weapon. Also i was thinking if it would be smart making ONS only weapons for the sentinels like anti vehicle grade rockets or a bola type gun or net gun and maybe an em pulse cannon that shoots a shock core and combos it to create an EMP burst instead of normal combo damage.


                              Also it would be awesome with a sentinel that does the shock combo thing that's on the Leviathan side-turret

                              Also maybe increase the range from which you can modify your sentinel, as a ceiling sentinel can be a PITA to modify.


                                Finally got a MOG set up so a bot would drive in it's path. Holy **** it kicked a Goliath to a 40degree angle XD