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"Sentinel" Automatic Cannon [Pics] [Beta11] [Updated]

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    Dear God, thank you. Amazing work Evil.


      Yesss ... its back
      It should prove useful in Warfare as an extra deployable.
      I think it's even better and more fun than spider-mine-traps as an area-denial weapon
      Have you considered adding it to the Nemisis ?


        Originally posted by Tailsnake View Post
        ...Since there aren't any custom models are you willing to attempt to cook this for the PS3 or is this a strictly PC only beta?
        I wouldn't cook a beta anyway, but to be honest, various helpful members of the community have done such a good job of cooking everyone else's mods that it doesn't seem necessary, and I was never too happy doing it because I can't test it before release due to not owning a PS3.

        Originally posted by BuffyTheSlayer View Post
        ...maybe next version have Redeemer sentinel too ?
        That's something that was suggested more than once for the UT2 version. I'm not sure if I will add such a powerful weapon because it would be terribly unbalanced. I'll think about it.

        Originally posted by Kyllian View Post
        1. Holy **** the RocketLauncher is nasty. Tho maybe a little too nasty, even a partial blast of rockets can knock a Bender on it's side
        2. Something should be added to the ReadMe about ReplacementPercentage(I was originally gonna post that it doesn't replace all the HealthVials before I double checked the config)
        3. I was unable to configure the mut ingame, had to tweak the Ini
        4. Once you apply Molecular Shields to a ground Sent, you have to enter the shield to tweak it further
        5. When the gun barrel comes into contact with you while tweaking a ground Sent your view gets bounced up and down until the barrel passes
        1) It is deliberately tuned to be an anti-vehicle weapon because otherwise Sentinels are sitting ducks for most vehicles. The fact that Sentinels are stationary (usually), and predictable, should make them fairly easy to dodge, or you can always get out and fight on foot so they stop locking on to you. I'll see how they work in larger multiplayer games before making any significant changes.
        2) I will write a more detailed readme eventually, I just didn't want to fill too many pages only for a beta, which is still subject to change.
        3) There is no configuration menu. Some of the configuration options are quite complex, which would be hard to do with a GUI, but I'll give it a go when I'm feeling braver.
        4) That's by design. The shield is a powerful defence, but has drawbacks too.
        5) I know, and I should have put that in the "known bugs" in the readme. Unfortunately I haven't yet worked out a way to fix it while still allowing the barrel to be hit by weapons.

        Originally posted by Kyllian View Post
        4. Some kind of "Spy Sentinel". Has no weapons, just really good sensors, a small profile and plenty of armor. All it's good for is sending enemy data to networked sentinels on your team
        4) I already had something like that written down on my "things to do" list I would have done it already, but I wanted it to make everything it can see appear on your map, which is not currently feasible in UT3. Until then, a Ceiling Sentinel fitted with the sensors and a Grenade Launcher does quite well.

        Originally posted by ANick View Post
        ...Anyway it pushed and ill tinker around with the settings because by default its hard to gain enough peices to deploy before getting killed. Then you lose the peices if you get killed so ill mess with the ini to see...
        That's one of the main things I am hoping to get sorted out from the beta. I have not been able to get a decent set of default replacement options, because the pickups available in each map and between gametypes varies so wildly. I might have to do something completely different from pickup replacement if it can't be fixed.

        Originally posted by MasterB View Post
        I think the ZIP file may be zipped with the incorrect directory structure.
        I follow the install directions and it seemed a directory was missed (I have CookedPC then Published, You don't have CookedPC).

        I moved the directories/files and it is running fine.
        Well spotted, I have indeed forgotten the "CookedPC" directory. I'll fix it and upload it again in a minute.


          Sweet Turrets. ^^


            outstanding work-thank you sir!


              I uploaded a zip with a fixed directory structure, and added this to the first post:
              The zip file I originally uploaded had an erroneous directory structure. If you downloaded it before now, you can fix it by moving the three folders Localization, Script and Sentinel from UTGame\Published\ to UTGame\Published\CookedPC\, creating the directory if it doesn't already exist. You don't have to download the zip again.


                ROFL @ Super-Manta, these things are super nasty when mounted to the bottom of a Raptor.

                Great work man, this will definitely add a new play element to the team gametypes.

                And thanks


                  So where is the ammo for this thing?


                    Originally posted by TekHead View Post
                    So where is the ammo for this thing?
                    You should see large and small black creates or boxes around the level. If there are not enough of them, edit the INI per Evils instructions.


                      Well I test out your Sentinel it work great but I not sure if the ammo is subbracted from it used when I double click it to apply for upgrade. It did not subtract the ammo. I just test in instant action but I am not sure if that there a bug in there.


                        hmm... how do i select it? found some ammo boxes on the map.


                          LOL this thing is fantastic! what a brilliant bit of kit!!!!

                          i was too busy running round collecting parts to care what was going on in the CTF game .


                            Originally posted by Aksen View Post
                            hmm... how do i select it? found some ammo boxes on the map.
                            Try the Readme.


                              Argh, even when I activate the mutator (I've tried both) I can't seem to get it to work.

                              And when I tried the weapon-replacement mutator, I made it replace the Impact-Hammer, and then the hammer disappeared.

                              Any help would be welcome.


                                Evil can you make it so I can set "Infinite" for the ammo/pieces that way I will allways be able to deploy and I can set the max deployable to 3 or whatever.

                                Then if im killed or my player/deployer is killed then it is gone but when I respawn I have the ablility to deploy agian right away.

                                I think this would be better and also would take out having to config all the ammo replacements or go search all around for pieces taking away from normal gameplay too much ect.

                                Have it be configurable both ways. Also add all the possible replacement classes in the .ini using non active or ; so I can just go in and set which ever I choose to be active instead of me having to find a class and add it.

                                Like if enforcer_ammo then for me to make a replacement now I have to find the class and add lines in the .ini ect and that can be kinda tricky for new users ect.