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VCTF - Crater Mining Camp [PS3-PC] [Beta 2.5] [Pics]

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    Greetings All -

    I'd like to wrap this map up and publish it as a final release - but I've had so little feedback, I'm a bit concerned. Personally, I've been having a lot of fun playing this map - but with no feedback here, I'm getting the feeling people don't like what they see in the screenshots - so they aren't trying it.

    If there are other mappers who wish to do a trade on a review, I'd be happy to do that Just let me know the URL of the map to download and I'll get on it!

    If you feel the map sucks and are simply being kind and not telling me, feel free to send me a PM with your thoughts. I'd rather know and improve than make maps people aren't interested in.

    Thank you for your time - and for checking out my map.


      The majority of UT3 players are on the PS3. If you want a lot of feedback, you're going to have to cook it.


        I'd agree that you'll probably get a fair bit of feedback when you cook for the PS3 - I've been keeping an eye on this map & looking forward to it for some time


          ok, will do that soon. The main reason for no PS3 version as of yet is because the map has custom music - and the PS3 apparently can't take custom music. I'll need to rip out my track and drop in one of the stock music pieces before I can cook a PS3 version.

          Thank you for replying guys - I though I was caught in another dimension...

          I'll cook up a beta for the PS3 once I swap the music out... coming soon


            Ok - PS3 version is online

            PS3 Download: Version 2.5 - uploaded: 4/07/2008 10:15 PM PST - This version is the first release of this map for the PS3, and the only console I own is an Atari 2600 - so let me know how this works


              I don't have a PC at my house, from my PS3, I can only download mods if they are unzipped userdatas. I'll download this tomorrow morning, and give feedback. Thanks for cooking the PS3 version.


                HOLY MONKEY!


                Im bookmarking this map and Ill be HAPPY to test out this map. Wednesday Ill provide a feedback


                  the ps3 version of beta 2.5 is not fully cooked. You have several files, where as it should be a singular userdata.jam file

                  here is a link / tutorial to ps3 cooking.


                  Look forward to your map.



                    c0113tt3 - Thank you for pointing me to the tutorial - the cooking of the map should be complete now.

                    I thought the last step was just to save it on a memory stick or something to stick into the PS3 - since I don't have one, I thought it was an extra step at the end.

                    New file is now online.

                    Larry L. - I was under the impression that I had to zip up the /PS3 directory and upload that. Are you stating that PS3 maps should only be uploaded as the userdata.jam ? Is there no problem w/ having a bunch of maps that all have the same name 'userdata.jam'?

                    Nagis - yes, the map is a bit large Enjoy the huge airs you'll catch as you soar across the terrain on your hoverboard.

                    I hope it performs well on the PS3 - I don't know anyone who owns one to do tests on my own.

                    Thanks for responding


                      The structure of the ps3 userdata.jam, since the upgrade of unreal for the ps3 (about 2 to 3 weeks ago), there is no longer a need to put it into a folder such as ps3/savedata/blus.... You can now just zip/rar up the userdata.jam file as it is.

                      For users that do not have online access, they will not have recieved the ugrade for unreal, and will still require the directory structure to import the maps. Such users, though, will not have access to the internet, so it does not matter anyway.

                      Maps for the ps3 have to be imported singulary, as it has to have a specific file name userdata.jam, having a userdata2.jam for example for a second map, would not work.

                      I will now test the new version of beta 2.5, thanks, and give feedback.

                      Works fine, thanks for the ps3 cook.

                      I like the map, great work

                      My only suggestion though, for an off line play thought, if you take the far left avenue from the red base through the rock landscape on the surface, you find you are completely unchallenged by the bots and can capture the flag / return within just over a minute to 2 minutes which is too easy. You could either block that avenue off or make it more difficult, or make the bots more aware.

                      Thanks again for the map


                        Thanks for the PS3 cook - downloading now, will try it when I get home from work & post feedback later


                          The map for the most part plays pretty well. There is some noticeable frame rate drops outside though...

                          Also the outside almost seems to get the most play because the lower level seems not so open and feels more cramped and longer to get to the flag.


                            >>> There is some noticeable frame rate drops outside though...

                            is that w/ the pc or ps3?

                            I think it's due to the cull distance - I could set it to cull more, but i just didn't like the popping of the meshes in the distance when you cross the cull distance for them.

                            another option is to raise the fog layer to the terrain and benefit from it obscuring your distance view, which would allow for better culling.

                            How do you feel about seeing the dirty air/fog being moved up so it exists within the crater too?

                            >>> Also the outside almost seems to get the most play because the lower level seems not so open and feels more cramped and longer to get to the flag.

                            Interesting - a previous feedback from a player stated the opposite over at a diff forum:

                            ...the upper part too, as now there isn't much sense going on that route since you can sneak away quickly and with few danger in the lower corridors
                            For me, I like each of the routes. With the underground paths, I can get through fairly fast while on the hoverboard. On the terrain, I find the center path is usually too risky, and the next set of paths to be a little easier to get through. The far outside paths may seem crazy to use, but once you get out there, stay crouched down while on the hoverboard, and you'll cruise on down to your base in a snap.

                            Thank you for posting some feedback. I'll sit back for a few days and see what everyone has to say, then see what I can do to apply some of the suggestions.


                              Originally posted by SonOfSamus View Post
                              Oh, and nice looking map, Sonic. A little blocky design around the Darkwalker, but I like how you haven't just bukkake'd the place with random static meshes, like a lot of custom maps have. You've put some work into it, and it shows.
                              This map was definitely worth the wait for a PS3 cook Love the way it looks, exterior is great & although I did notice the odd frame rate drop, it was brief & certainly didn't detract from the gameplay. The random junk scattered across the landscape from the Necris occupation enhances the realism of the map & can make for an interesting trip back to your base on the hoverboard Running the gauntlet down the inside of the installation also makes for some terrific gameplay - I think opening it up would ruin it, as things would become far easier; at the moment you can seriously inconvenience a pursuing enemy from behind cover when your health's low, opening it up would mean you'd be far easier to pick off.

                              The only problems I noticed were: at one point, ALL bots on the map froze up & just stood where they were! At first I didn't realise it was all of them, thought it was just the team member carrying the flag. Tried using weaponry to get him to move, just thought he was stuck against something, but although the engine responded to the shots by pushing him back & I got the standard "I'm on your team!" response, he then continued to stand were he was. After a couple of minutes they all started moving again & the match continued as normal. I haven't been able to replicate this since, but thought it might be worth mentioning. Really the only other thing is that bots seem to get stuck against the occasional pillar or crate in the tunnels, & occasionally seem reluctant to take the DarkWalker out of the hangar, although this may be the AI at Experienced level - they definitely get a lot more deadly & efficient when ramped to Skilled level, & they then seem to bring the DarkWalker out into the battlefield.

                              Please don't think I'm complaining - I love this map & it's a keeper whether anything's changed or not! As mentioned in the quote, it shows that you've put a lot of work into this map & you were asking for feedback, so thought I'd let you know what I've found. It's excellent work, and I hope you continue to create maps for UT3. Thanks for taking the time to cook it for the PS3


                                The framerate drops were on the ps3. Not horrendous just noticeable.

                                I used the top a lot because its much easier since its wide open, especially if you grab a scavenger youre there in no time. Still fun.