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    I do agree somewhat anuban but there are also games which are very dated now so dont look realistic but have more realistic gameplay, which one determines a simulator though is it graphics or gameplay?


      It's not "blur" but it's "motion blur." It's why Pixar and all the other animation studios spend a lot more time in render farms to render with motion blur, global illumination (to an extent), etc. It's a feature which film has naturally, and is thus mimicked in 3d animation and games.


        aww god, at first i had no motion blur, NOW I CANT PLAY THE GAME
        today i got bored and wanted to play a match with the bots and motion blur ( i thought it might work now even though i didnt do anything) - i start the game and it CRASHES to windows. i deactivate the mutator, restart game, stil crashes after loading screen.
        I now deleted the mutator from folder and the game still crashes :|
        can you please tell me wtf is happening here ?


          It's not the mutator. You probably put a file in the wrong place, or are perhaps having issues with a patch/hardware.

          The 1.2 patch is out (which this mutator works fine with). Try it, and some different GPU drivers, and make sure no outside application (Rivatuner, nHancer) is forcing any driver settings.


            Yeah the mutator code is only run when the mutator is actually on, so I doubt the issue is with the mutator and could explain why you were having problems before.

            You could try turning motion blur off in the ini or perhaps you did something in there which could be causing the problem.


              it seems that i just shouldnt have motion blur
              i managed to get ut3 back working and i downloaded version 1.2 but nothing

              oink, nvm its working now

              thanks for the mut btw


                Which folder did you put the mutator in?

                When playing, go to Instant Action, setup the game, and be sure to enable the mutator.


                  Oh glad to hear you got it working dude, I was alittle worried there. I did look into forcing the ini value but do far I havent found anything, Im thinking there might even be a level of protection there from script access. Then again Im probably just missing something, I should have another version up soon with acouple of options on a UI.

                  I ended up going with 2 options, 1 for strength which controls basically blur/max blur and 1 for thresholds which control rotation/translation thresholds. Its wierd though unlike some blurs this only seems to work on rotation even when its set really strong and the treshold has plenty of give, like running in a straight line as long as you dont move the mouse it doesnt blur

                  I wouldnt mind more of a radial blur as seen in UC2 perhaps so the edges of the screen are more blurred but all the time. A refresh is in there I think of sorts, like since blur is basically frames stored then mixed acouple of frames it seems this is the strength setting but I dont think thats really the right term. Theres also an interpolation of some sort so maybe thats the one which determines the interval at which the frames are stored at, like a refresh.

                  Anyways some pics to go along with this rant.


                  See these seem to be more radial blurs and are called such on this page:
                  I cant help but feel there should be more post processing effects in the list for UT3. While the ambient occlusion one shown recently is awesome it would have been nice to have access to these other ones if they are indeed part of the current engine and not used in UT3.


                  This one Im thinkin this one might be happening at a buffer level, the camera shakes could be making that pattern. Maybe if I play with the settings and add some shakes I can get something similar with this motion blur.

                  Unfortunatly Uscript only goes so far and while I could try to add some more unique effects with script I dont think its really possible to get anything of worth. Itd really have to be done at the native level so for now, adjusting bloom, depth of field and motion blur seem to be the only options for modders. But hey I could be wrong


                    I'm not sure that would play well though. It's far too unrealistic for a full FPS game. UC2 may have been fine with it since it's a TPS but I just don't see it working out well or being too popular with the community. However, UC2 had, by far, the best graphics of any xbox game. Still amazes me.


                      Well man a lot of people play UT3 as a TPS using ActionCam and the 3rdperson mutator so yeah it could work well and I would use it. It looks cool and like it could be fun. You should go for it. As far as being Unrealistic ... uhhh what game are you playing again ... lol ... Unreal Tournament ... it works out fine.


                        Well my comments up there wernt directly related to UT3's gameplay and what not, Im sure certain things dont work in an FPS and Im well aware of UC2 and what type of game it is.

                        Just keep in mind not all of us are modding for the sole purpose of expanding UT and its gameplay, some of us like to take things in entirely different directions


                          this is my FAVORITE mutator! really nice work!


                            Originally posted by *FF$*Necris View Post
                            this is my FAVORITE mutator! really nice work!
                            Same here.


                              Sadly, this doesn't work for me.
                              I snaped a screen below to show what trouble i encounter:


                                Wow, its a hologram! Does it only do that with the sniper rifle or all the time?

                                Seems there is something going on, looks like when I adjusted the full motion blur option and everything but stationary skeletal meshes have like drunk'o'vision.