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    Originally posted by Larry L View Post
    I have a quick question here about the PS3 version. I usually have to wait to get these maps from since I don't have a PC, but I really wanted a few maps NOW, and downloaded a few to my friends PC so I could play them. The maps that come in a zipped package are self explanitory. The PS3's USERDATA.JAM is right in the file directory to be pulled out and put on my memory stick. But these maps that come in a ".rar file are not the same. It's like a single program file that my friends PC (with Vista) just says "can not open this file" for some reason like the PC does not know with which program to open the file. What am I supposed to do with these .rar files to get to the PS3's USERDATA,JAM? There are a couple maps here including this one and Wizard that I don't want to wait for the PS3 site to get, but I can't figure out how to use any of the ones in the .rar format. Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm not a PC guy by any means.

    install winrar & you can open the folder :P


      I think the map looks for the most part really nice. The skydome though looks a little whack bc it actually looks like a stretched dome literally, which it shouldnt.

      Also along a lot of the edges you can hop up the rocks (which you may or may not have wanted) and get behind the edges, which is extremely easy to do. Problem with that is the collision is ridiculous once youre there. You get stuck all over the place and theres a few places where the meshes dont align either.


        Pc version crashes to desktop,map never even loads.


          The sky looks a little weird. And the map could use a post process volume too.


            looks nice