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    PS3 cook by euchreplayer

    Definately one of my favourite mutators


      slowJusko, just in case you don't get notified of PMs and you notice this... please check your PMs


        Hi slowJusko, thx for your free work on this mutator
        UT3 keeps crashing when using it with 1.3 patch.
        Any chance you could track this bug down and thus let us enjoy your mutator with an up to date U3?
        Thanks in advance, UG.


          Looks like the LAST post by slowJusko
          was 2/24/08. I get the feeling that they aren't around anymore. If worse comes to worst it may need to be fixed by someone else if slowJusko is no longer around. A VERY fun mutator and the only one I had on my system for quite awhile...'til it broke with the 1.2patch.


            Yep, but I was hoping slowJusko was lurking around here sometimes...
            If he isn't, U3 being in such a state of abandon, I'm afraid no one will fix this mutator for us.
            ChaosUT was offering something similar, but they've given up on U3.
            The more I think of it, the more I think I'm gonna wipe the dust on my UT2k4 disc, because this one at least has a functionnal CarryTheFlag umod.
            And who said "And more players!" ?


              The mutator works okay with the 1.3 patch; randomly crashes. :-/


                yep this mutator crashes on my UT3
                so i don't use it


                  Had crashes here too, long ago.


                    I really hope there are plans to update this mutator for v1.3. This adds so much tactical dimension to the ctf gametype, but it's not worth the random crashes.

                    Also, another similar mutator that I think would be fun would be to enforce a 10 to 15 second countdown on a dropped flag before it could be touched to return. ie: let's say you carry the enemy flag about half-way to your base before dropping it. Instead of just immediately touching the flag to return it to their base, the enemy would have to guard their flag for 10 to 15 seconds before they could return it, thereby giving your team one last chance to recover the flag without losing the progress it's already made towards your base.


                      Just tried this again with UT3 2.0, and still got a crash. Thought it was Ok at first, as I had a few non-vehicle offline games work, but then I tried a VCTF game, and got a crash.

                      Suppose I could try it with the Patch 2.1 Beta 3, but I'm guessing it'll do the same thing.

                      Sure would be great to see somebody take this concept up again. slowJusko has made a fine start of it here. Just needs fixed, and then some polish.

                      Originally posted by YouGee View Post
                      ChaosUT was offering something similar, but they've given up on U3. The more I think of it, the more I think I'm gonna wipe the dust on my UT2k4 disc, ...
                      Just FYI, couple/few of us still go online with ChaosUT2 once in awhile. Feel free to join us for some nice non-crashing carry-your-flag CTF if you want. Of course I'd still like to see it in UT3, but there's nothing wrong with playing both games. I do it sometimes just to scratch certain itches that UT3 doesn't offer yet (like this style of CTF, or an offhand grapple, etc).

                      Anyway, just wanted to post my support of this game type. Hoping some talented wizard can be convinced to take it on.


                        When do the crashes occur? I had a crash while loading a map... but then again, wouldn't be the first time UT3 crashed, so that doesn't really prove much.


                          I'm not sure. If there is a specific 'trigger', I haven't yet nailed it down. But it's very cool to see you asking, so I will certainly try to figure it out.

                          Edit; Just played two more non-vehicle games offline.

                          First game crashed in a matter of minutes, and no idea at all why. Seemingly nothing important was happening at the time. And the log just cuts off. Granted I'm not a coder, but there really didn't seem to be anything of importance in the log to look at.

                          The second game I got all the way through (well, almost, I quit about a min before clock ran out), and I didn't see a crash at all.

                          Of course this mutator does have other issues as well. For example, currently there isn't much incentive to actually go to the trouble of carrying your flag all the way back to base. Because dropped flags will still be returned in a short time. So rather than pick it up after killing the EFC, all I have to do is just wait, and it will be auto-magically returned very shortly (like 20 or 30 seconds).

                          Also, there is no code to take care of 'destroyed flags'. So if we're playing on Face, and you take my flag all the way back to your side of the map, I can kill you there, pick up my flag, and just jump off the map. Instant flag return, no effort.

                          And there's more conversation that could go into this, just a couple of big ones as a kind of FYI kinda thing, if you're going to be looking into this.



                            I'm not going to chase ghosts, but if someone finds the cause of the problem and slowJusko wants to hand me the source code, then I'd be happy to have a look.


                              Well, I can appreciate that. It's a bummer to hear, but I understand.

                              Considering how long it's been since he's posted here, getting a reply from him might be a long shot.

                              And playing the mutator isn't revealing much either. The crashes are seemingly so random, that I don't know if I'll ever be of much help from that angle.

                              Best I can say, to anyone that does decide to try, is that given the condition of this mutator, perhaps this isn't the best place to start anyway. Maybe the best place to start would be here with this UT2004 code, instead of in this thread.