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"Aliens" Colonial Marine Weaponry (Smartgun and Pulse Rifle Editor Screens, NO DL)

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    Originally posted by Green_Day_584 View Post
    and besides:

    1. the LG sucked.
    2. lighting gun? wtf? (Bardock, i suggest you edit that... lol )
    ...No comment...This is the real Unreal Friend Com...Thx for the help. Go to...


      Originally posted by Death Dream View Post
      Since no one is really addressing the problem, convert your weapon into a OBJ and I will take a look at it with Maya if you want.

      ~Death Dream~
      Alright, I'll do that later tonight. Thanks.


        I dont know have anyone asked, are you going to make double pulse rifle ?
        And when it is about to be released ???


          Nice work


            Well, I am currently working on another project. A smaller one so I can get down the process of getting Blender Objects to work in-game. It's not a very commonly used program in the game industry due to it's pretty steep learning curve and, as a result, there's very little support for porting to UT3.

            Hopefully it will be out within a month or so, but maybe longer. I am kind of wanting to include the Dropship and APC as well as a standard Shotgun. I'm omitting the Flamethrower, since I am working on a different flamethrower at the moment, and 2 would just be redundant.

            Dual Pulse Rifles? Like, dual wielding them? Doubtful, sry. I just feel that the grenade launcher plus the ability to go full auto and deal quite a bit of damage with just one would make it overkill.

            Now, if someone makes a mod that allows duel-wielding of all weapons, then that's all you'd need...


              Now weapons, later alien, predators and marines models, much later whole levels and in several months we will see AvP Mod for UT3 . That would be so COOL . Great work, Good luck Mistress


                I'ts been a long time, how's project out there ??