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Dm-Fragpipe 2k8 Beta1 (ps3/pc)

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    Dm-Fragpipe 2k8 Beta1 (ps3/pc)

    This is the first beta of FragPipe 2k8 (Quake II Remake)

    Beta Support:

    The PS3 Cook threw me some odd error:
    Warning, Cooking simple sound failed: DM-FragPipe_b1.Sonic
    Reason: SCE_PS3_ROOT envvar is not set! Run the PS3\InstallSDK script to install the SDK.

    Ran the SDK installed not sure what its talking about. Let me know if the music does not play PS3 guys. And please any other errors you get let me know ASAP.

    Beta Changes

    -Switch meshes added
    -Bot Support

    Install Instructions PC:

    DM-FragPipe_2k8_Alpha2 config file = Maps folder
    DM-FragPipe_2k8_Alpha2.ut3 = Maps folder
    DM-FragPipe_2k8_Alpha2_LOC_int.upk = Maps folder

    PC Version Dm-Fragpipe 2k8 Beta 1

    PS3 Version Dm-Fragpipe 2k8 Beta 1

    Didn't you already release beta 1 of this level? Or is this meant for PS3 users mainly?


      yeah meant for PS3

      Ive become temped to go buy a PS3 and UT3 for it so I can do internal testing though