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CTF-Pistola - Updated [Final]

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    CTF-Pistola - Updated [Final]

    Hello Everyone,
    I really don't have any description to give this map as it's a remake of the UT2K4 CTF map.

    I did this still as learning for UT3Ed.
    The earlier alpha versions were tested privately, hence the Alpha3. And It has full bot support so it is playable. The reason I still have it in alpha stage is there are some areas that need to be meshed or trimmed. If you look closely you'll notice them. Also, there aren't any ambient sounds yet. Working on those ATM.

    Post any issues please, thanks.



    You are making good progress! :-)


      Jayo, single handedly saving the CTF competitive scene one map at a time I'll go download and play test.

      Edit: ok so overall it's great. My only comment is the same I always make with you Jayo, I'm not sure I love the scale It feels too tiny to me. Like I can cap in 10 seconds or less, and 2k's definitely didn't feel like that. I know translating feel and scale between 2k/UT3 is hard but... to me it should be a little stretched out more. The base a little bit more spacious, although not by much, I think you got the base feel very close. The mid should feel a little larger IMO. To me it plays too closely to small clusterf*ck maps like Reflection.

      You can imagine on voice calling "he's in mid" but by the time that transmits, he's pretty much in his front door... that's my issues with these small maps, it really makes teamwork on D far less important. My 2 cents.

      Smaller things, since its Alpha not suprising. The snow effect seems to be too "fast" and "overlapping", as in its coming down too fast and over itself. Did you want someone to be able to get up to amp/sniper area from down low mid? (you can with double jump + wall dodge)? The trees = meh

      Overall, love it, I'd just like to see some of it given a little more breathing space. Nothing drastic just add like 20% to mid space, maybe 10% to base. Thanks for making maps so we have something to play in pugs



        Wow, this looks very good. I cannot test it cause I'm on PS3 but keep it up man! Do you think we will see those snow particles on the PS3 aswell?

        BTW. This map asks for a footprint mod: walking through the snow should leave some marks. When waling over (a) body (parts) should also leave footprints.


          Thanks for comments. <3 Nec

          I actually scaled it up from the alpha testing. And this seemed nice from those who played it while testing ( I wouldn't have put this much detail and decor in it if that was not the case). It is rather difficult to rescale with this much detail.

          Since there is no ramp dodging in UT3, yea the double jump dodge to high mid is intentional. I raised the terrain in such a way to make it challenging but possible.

          I actually made a decal material to use as the footprints on the snow terrain, for some really WEIRD reason, it affected FPS. It dropped me from like 160/170 FPS to like 60/70 with the footprint decal materials so I had to remove it. While this is playable for me, I figured it would suck on some other PCs. It did look better but wasn't worth the performance drop.


            Man, I've been waiting for a Pistola remake for a long time, but wasn't the original in summer?


              Yes, the original was a daytime map.
              I actually started the map as a daytime map and I had some other ideas for it which were also performance draining. I had to change it. Plus I was going for the snowy environ.


                Well, after playing it, I can safely say that this is shaping up to be an excellent remake. It retains the fast gameplay of the original, while adding a cool new theme. Well done.


                  The Map has been updated to Beta.
                  See OP for link and pics.

                  Updates include:
                  - added trims (while minimizing the use of meshes to improve performance, so a lot of the trims are made with brushes)
                  - added blocking volumes so the top of the map is no longer accessible. As well as getting behind some rocks.
                  - removed the snow falling.
                  -added ambient sounds
                  - fixed the terrain glitch getting up to sniper from the rocket exit (raised the terrain a little to still keep it challenging but without the glitch)


                    Ns Work!!! Thx! But my fps is go down outside



                      Another Update to beta2. I know, rather quick, but just noticed a cause for major FPS drop in the outside area that has been fixed. The FPS should be much better now. So download again.


                        Ok.THX Im try it now!


                          OHHHH!!! NW! Thist beta verson finali fps-. I Cant wait the full release. Well done! Thanks.


                            Nice level ... plays really well ... the only place I see a slowdown and take a hit to my fps is going outside and hitting the fog ... maybe you could cut down on the dynamic lighting and that will boost performance if you have to have that fog or Artic wind ... but yeah the inside is really smooth ... I get high fps there ... still it is not unplayable at all ... it doesn't affect gameplay in any serious fashion but if you could further improve the performance that would be cool.


                              Very, very good map

                              We found a map bug? while testing it on our server though.

                              When on the bridge facing the bases (red or blue) you can TL up to the ledges of the windows and if you go right you can actually get in to the base that way. In fact you can even TL directly into the bases through the windows (only on the right side)

                              If its intentional im a moron and will shut up

                              Anyway, great map and itll stay on our map rotation on our server for sure :tup: