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DM-Cryostasis RC1 [Screenshots & DL][Ready For Playtesting!]

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    There are missing paths from the main room to the stinger room. Also you could add some paths in the sides of the sniper path so the bots can jump down. I think the armor and the flak in one room is too much, to me the armor would be better positioned at the bottom of the main room.
    The bots have only one way out of the rocket room.
    If you replace the fan with an elevator the bots will be able to exit the room from two points.
    Otherwise the map is nice and fun, I especially like the blueish/dark atmosphere.


      I think a volume path will fix the vent, if it even works. But Thanks for the feedback. I've been needing a good criticizing to know what I need to fix. I'll switch where the helmet and the vest are, if that sounds better. You need a reason to go places, don't you? Well one problem I see that's very apparent is the fact that the bots used to go after the berserk; I believe the main issue with the berserk powerup is the static meshes down there might have something to do with blocking the path.

      Edit: I cannot fix the air vent, sorry; I'm too far gone with this map to alter much, so there won't be any major alterations in the final version. Dealing with the berserk, the problem was the static meshes, as I assumed, also, I switched the vest and the helmet's placements with each other. But, since the AI isn't too intelligent, and even when I have all the pathing done correctly, they don't know what to do when the berzerk is available. I also can't place a path node in the volume that tells them to jump. I'm sorry.


        Beta 3.5 is out with fixes to the bot-pathing and other requested changes as well. The helmet has been moved out of the main room and into the flak room, while the vest was moved back into the main room.


          First off let me say I was pretty surprised at how fun it was! The pictures don't really say much about the game play I think.

          I found a few things (some aesthetic issues, some game play issues):

          1. The mist around the Flak and Rockets is way to high for my tastes, personally I think it would look better at about a foot off the ground instead of waste/chest high.

          2. Certain walls and corners seem a little bland, if you added some trim or icicles to them it would fit your maps feel a little more. (If you want it to feel cramped, that is).

          3. The black pitfalls would look excellent if they were filled with icy water! Maybe some mist coming up from them (similar to the Rocket room).

          4. I got caught on the snow pile in the Flak room and the lower stairs leading to the U-damage room.

          5. The tunnels you fall through/"fall up" are pretty dark, are you planning on adding lights to them? (also, sometimes I hit my head entering the tube near the rockets, other times I had to jump to catch a gust).

          6. A nice bluish Post Process volume would look insane on this map! You can copy the one from Avalanche and resize it if you don't know how to make one yourself.

          7. I rarely saw any bots go through the room/catwalk with the Shock Rifle, maybe if you add some health vials there it would make it more worth-while?

          This map has a lot of potential, it's fun and fast-paced, everything a UT map should be! I really liked the slippery floor in the Flak room and the fan that sucks you into it near the Biorifle!

          Again, great map, I had a lot of fun testing it.


            I'm taking in your suggestions, although once I added some path weight to the shock rifle, I really didn't need to add those health vials. I'm trying to keep the map balanced, too, you know. lol. I fixed the snow up so that it's easier to get around on (in the flak room). Not to mention I took your suggestions on the fog. I also tried the icy water idea, but I wasn't too fond of it. I like the idea of falling better for some reason. However, I had a recent idea to ensure that people don't camp on the Udamage platform: Turn the platform into a mover and attach the Udamage to the platform.

            By beta 4, I should have the aesthetics completed. Cryostasis is currently under rigorous testing and development, and I'd like to see what other people say too, about the map. Some issues with the bots were fixed as can be plainly seen, but others remain ridiculously impossible to fix. I'll have 3.6 up tonight.


              Beta 3.6 is out. Fixes include: Balanced path weights, bots will now go after the berzerk now. There are a few static meshes added to add a little more flavor to the map. Tell me how you like the changes.


                I like the map in general, but it's so friggin' dark I kept falling off of things. The ambient light needs a bit more brightness, especially since there are so many little lights set into the surrounding meshes. I mean, at first I didn't even see the glass doors and kept trying to shoot through them and wondered why my flak was bouncing back into my face, but I wasn't even that far from them.

                The bots definitely seem to cram together into certain areas, namely in the room with the Flak Cannon, the area with the Stinger, and the area by the UDamage. I dunno if that can be helped, but I thought I'd mention it.

                Other than those critiques, it plays fast even with just a few players and that's good. Keeps the pressure on. I really liked the room with the water and the fog by the rocket launcher.

                Oh, one other thing, the Bio Rifle is a tad too close to that spinning thing. After getting sucked into it twice trying to grab the Bio Rifle, I decided the Bio Rifle wasn't good enough to risk losing any more frags over and the bots seemed to agree with me. :P


                  Well, I felt that going after the bio-rifle should be a risk, but you should be able to get out of it fairly easily after I post the new update when I get enough critiques from other players. What I'm trying to do is get a general idea of what people want, and go with it, because a map is only truly popular when people enjoy it and play it when you're not there with them. But I am fixing the lighting so that you can see what's going on. The main reason I had transparent doors was because of tactical possibilities. So that you don't get surprised when someone fires a shock ball in your face, or the other way around, you can duck in behind them and still see what's going on, but if you want, I could fix them up a bit so that you can see them properly.


                    The bots play better now, and the added static meshes look good.
                    The two corridors from the main room to the flak room are too dark.
                    Maybe you could add another ramp to the right here, or move the only one to the center:


                      could you use other download link too please ?

                      once download other file from there have to wait long time so


                        Nah the doors are cool, it's just so dark in that area that I couldn't see them at first.


                          I changed quite a few things in the map, such as lighting issues and what-not, I also fixed some minor problems with the layout.

                          Unfortunately, aranis, I didn't move that ramp simply because of the fact that you need to be able to access the flak room quickly. Adding another one would seem redundant, too.


                            The link for download isnt right.


                              Is the link broken or something? I mean, I've got several sites that you can download it from if you don't like that link. How about this, so that everybody's happy, I'll post one link to filefront and one link to rapidshare. The one to rapidshare will be mirror 1 and the one to filefront will be mirror 2. Happy?

                              Edit: Sorry about the bad link. It was to an IGN previews page... x_X


                                I like it! I'll test it again tomorrow.

                                One quick word before I head to bed though; you know the 4 white holograms by the bridge leading to Sniper? They would look pretty cool if converted to movers and bobbing up and down slightly. Just an idea.