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DM-Sophia [Beta1][Pics][Download PC & PS3]

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    DM-Sophia [Beta1][Pics][Download PC & PS3]

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a game art student and I do modeling and texturing. I got Unreal Torunament 3 last month. This is my first experiance with Unreal Editor. Very nice program and easy too.

    Name of my map is "Sophia". I made everything in Maya and Photoshop. It's not done yet but I guess it's ready for some tests. I know I have to make more textures for walls and ceilings, and some artifacts and statues for decoration. But this is what I have done so far.

    All comments are welcome.

    Thanks fellas...

    download PC
    download PS3

    Little too dark on the upper level.


      looks interresting, I'll keep following the progress.


        [QUOTE=Freaky1;25258641]Little too dark on the upper level.

        wow this is interesting, It's nothing like this here. I don't know why you don't have lights there.. As you can see from my screenshots, actually things are very visible.. hmmm..

        thanks for that sreenshot Freaky1...

        anyone else has this problem? or anyone knows why this can happen?


          I have no problems with light.

          I like the layout of this map, becouse it is 'custom'. But I think this map needs more details, more StaticMeshes and more textures. Also you can add more rooms, roofs, etc.

          I have no idea, why you add a lot of columns and water in second room of this cathedra?


            thanks for comments, yes I know it looks pretty empty now, but it's not done yet.

            Underground part is actually a Cistern and connected to this old holy place. There is story too, but these are all going to be clear when I will be done with map. I just wanted to see reactions and comments to what i have done so far. Thanks a lot FreEp.


              Everything LOOKS great. Great textures and models; I love your custom content. You're clearly talented, and its great to see your talent used on Ut3 =)

              Layout does feel a bit strange though; some areas seem scaled a bit awkwardly, and I'm not sure how I feel about gameplay overall.

              It is certainly very dark in some areas-- but I like it. Personally, I'd throw in some lights to break up the darkness in areas (so you can move around), but as a whole leave the dark areas very dark. =)


                thank you Harmatia. I'm still working on this map and I will address all these problematic issues. It's indeed different kind of map and not truly Unreal style but it is a custom map. I think it's good to try different styles.

                After I will finish this map, I have some Unreal style Sci-fi map project in my mind. That's later


                  yes it looks interesting!


                    I found that if I max out my settings it lightens up considerably.The problem with that are the players online,most aren't willing to turn their settings that high do to the loss of fps.We have 40+ custom maps on our servers and this is only the second map with this lighting problem.Not trying to be a pain in the ****,but would like to add this map to our dm server.Thanks.


                      Thanks Freaky1. I will defineatly check what is the reason. I will update it whenever I will fix this issue. Neither me or my friends didn't have any light problems, i didn't know. so I will figure it out...